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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bobby Jindal Saying Thanks, But No Thanks?

The Economic Stimulus has passed. Each state is going to get a huge chunk of cash to help get this country back on its feet. What does Governor Bobby Jindal say about it? He may not take it.

Why? Conservative ideology?

One of the major talking points in Jindal's run for the Governor's office was the construction and extension of Interstate 49. I-49 could serve as a major evacuation route for southern Louisiana should another hurricane strike the region. I-49 could serve as a huge piece of the commerce network in this area. Those two key points helped get him elected.

I haven't heard much about I-49 since he got elected. Isn't that always the case with our elected officials. Promises, promises, promises. He's going through the state budget making cuts left and right. If he accepts the money, he could reverse those decisions and actually make improvements.

Deliver it up Piyush. Pull the broomstick out of your ass and help get this economy going again. Imagine all the jobs that I-49 construction will bring with it.

Of course, if you are keeping yourself warm with ideology, by all means, turn down the money. It's not like highway construction is essential to building up infrastructure. Oh wait. It is. What a douchebag.

Don't you watch Deal or No Deal? You take the money!

I have learned something new since posting this. According to the local news, he is taking some money from the stimulus deal. It seems as though Jindal is going to take $42 million of the stimulus money and put it towards I-49. That's better news. Some are complaining that he should take more, but the response on his behalf seems to imply he cannot use more than what the stimulus package allows.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cell Phone Spam

Are you one of the many cell phone users getting spam phone calls?

Did you do a Google search for the number that called you and discovered many others had been hit by the same scam?

I found one common link between the onset of the phone calls and my own life after someone else I know started getting similar calls.

We had both recently rented cars with Enterprise and left our cell phone numbers as the second contact number. Is Enterprise selling our numbers? What can we do about it? I assume calling Enterprise won't result in a change in behavior on their part. Better Business Bureau maybe? I doubt my provider, T-Mobile, will do anything about it either. As I understand it, the National Do Not Call List covers both land lines and cell phones. That may be your best course of action at this point.

Here are the numbers I've been hit with so far.

Most seem to pitch some warranty scam. I stopped answering after finding out what the first call was all about. I'm trying to establish a pattern here, so if you've also rented from Enterprise or other car rental company, I'd like to hear about it.