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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

• Thought of the day: It's easy...

It's easy to call someone lazy from the comfort of an armchair.

It's easy for someone who had opportunities to call someone else lazy who works two jobs, has a couple of kids, and struggles to make ends meet when they cry out for help and health care coverage. It's easy to call someone lazy and demand someone gets off their butt to work when you, a small business owner, has not hired anyone lately. It's easy to call someone lazy, when you, a white person, 30 years ago, were able to go to a decent school and receive a quality education while they, a minority, experienced the exact opposite. It's easy to call someone lazy when you're not the one being screwed over. It's easy to call someone lazy when the company refuses to provide health insurance, so you accuse this person of asking for a government handout instead of placing the blame on the company in question.

It's easy to call someone lazy from the comfort of an armchair.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Will Vitter Win Re-election?

David Vitter is a US Senator from Louisiana. As someone from the state, I have a vested interest in how elections down here turn out. Given the current "mood" down here, I'm wondering if Vitter will get re-elected. He has stated he will run this year to keep his seat.

He's a Republican, so obviously I don't want him in the Senate, but what do Republicans in Louisiana think about him?

Let me shed some light on why I'm so curious.

In 2007, Vitter was named as a client of the infamous DC Madam, suggesting that he was into hookers. Vitter ran on the classic "Family Values" platform, yet he proved to be one of the Republicans who can't seem to keep his dick loyal to the woman he married. This is not his first run-in with a prostitution allegation. In 2002, Louisiana Weekly also ran a story on the subject. In 2004, Vitter continued to deny his links to hookers. His hooker fetish has been traced back to at least the 1990s.

In polls, Vitter maintains a substantial lead against Democratic competition. What about against his own kind? (Assuming he deserves such a compliment)

Has he been forgiven by the electorate? Do Republicans just think a hooker-fiend is still better than a Democrat? Any up and coming Republican in Louisiana who wants to move up in the world would have a slam dunk case for running against this lowlife. Shouldn't we, as voters, send the guy packing and put someone honest in?

What about the push from the Right to eject incumbents? He's had his term. Oust him and put somebody new in. Grow a pair, voters. He obviously lied when confronted with prostitution allegations. You would re-elect a liar like this? Interesting.

Louisiana must like the taste of hooker spit. I thought they preferred hot sauce.

It just goes to show that once again, Republicans will refuse to cast a protest vote against their own kind.

Vitter's Voting Record