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Monday, May 26, 2008

Macbook or Macbook Pro?

There was a podcast a while back that Leo Laporte participates in that discussed purchasing a Macbook with a caller. Here's the gist of the recommendation and I agree with it for the most part.

So should one get a Macbook or a MBP?
Generally speaking, get a Macbook. Here's why. You can buy one and cram 4GB of RAM in it as well as a 250GB HD and have a machine that is just as functional and powerful as a MBP. Plus it comes in a more durable case. The MBP has a metallic case that may scratch, dent, and ding easier than the Macbook enclosure. Now, there are a few points in favor of the MBP. The screen size is considerably larger. The Macbook has about a 13 inch screen and the MBP comes in 15 and 17, so you get more real estate. The MBP also has a better graphics card. The MBP also has a 300GB HD as an option. There are some other differences with regards to ports availble on each, but the overall picture for the average user is the same.

Like any computer, it all depends on what you want to do with it.

Why this, Why that

This is my first attempt at hopefully a new installment of a series of posts I'll be labeling "Why oh why" because they ask why something is the way it is. Some of them will be of my own crazy creation and others will likely come from rather witty stand up comedians I hear on TV.

Why is the use of profanity deemed a childish behavior when children are not allowed to cuss? I mean, if it were childish, children would be cussing a lot more than they really do. It would almost make you think what they are saying means it's normal child behavior. Using profanity is widely accepted as part of adulthood fcuk you very much.
By that same token, proponents of being able to express yourself without profanity might be pushing it when they tell you that you should expand your vocabulary and not curse. It's all relative really. For instance, if I cuss and you don't, my vocabulary compared to your own *could* still be considered much broader.

Why do new clothes always smell the same? You know that smell? It's like every Walmart smells the same. Woops, now you know where I buy some of my clothes. Hey, not all of us are trendy teens anymore.

Really. Why do toasters have a setting that allows you to burn the bread?
(taken from an "email question" from Craig Ferguson's talk show)
We try so hard not to burn toast and set off the fire alarm. Make a toaster that doesn't have extra bitter, black, and crispy as an option.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Too Funny..Gay Marriage Conspiracy

I'm up watching Late Night with Craig Ferguson. He said something that I thought deserved to be posted here. Too Funny!

Gay marriage is really a right wing conspiracy to stop gay sex.
Think it through...
You got it? You know. Because once you get married, you stop having sex.

Good one Craig.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gas Tax Cut A Stupid Idea. Here's Why

So here's my take on McCain's idea to suspend the gas tax. Let me know if I'm missing something because it sounds like a stupid idea to me. It doesn't attack the problem directly. It only gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling like we think we're doing something important when we really aren't doing anything substantial.

Four things friends...
First, it really is like grandpa giving ya five bucks. Anyone remember that "Oh boy, a quarter" feeling? We're not kids anymore grandpa. We need real money. You'll see my math later.

Second, removing 18 cents isn't going to stop the oil companies from jacking the price some more.

Third, if it drops, are we going to feel all warm and fuzzy and suddenly decide we can afford to buy gas more often? We're going to drive demand up and affect prices some more.

And finally, when all is said and done and the 12 weeks are gone, the tax will come back. We are gonna be pissed off about that. What kind of crazy person decides to do something they know will leave them pissed off in the end?

So here's some rough math assuming gas prices are the same when we get 18 cents off per gallon. I'll also assume that most Americans gas up once a week. If you're doing more than that, you're either one hell of a commuter or you've got a gas guzzler that even Cookie Monster would idolize.

So I'm paying about $3.44 per gallon right now and I fill up when I get to about 1/8 to 1/4 of a tank left. I'm usually adding about 14 gallons by that point, so that comes to $48.16 and I usually top it off to the next highest dollar amount, so we'll say $49. The time period McCain is talking about being tax free is approximately 12 weeks. 49x12 is $588. Keep that number in your head.

Now let's get the tax break
3.44 - 0.18 = 3.26 per gallon
3.26 x 14 gallons = $45.64, so we'll say $46
That's $3 less than what I paid before per week. Whoopeee.
46 x 12 = $552

588-552 = $36
or you could say the $3 saved x 12 weeks = $36

I only save $36??? Pathetic. Considering that gas prices will only continue to go up, that number is likely to be significantly less.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Clinton Coinkydink

This is just gonna be a brief post, but interesting nonetheless.

I was driving through Little Rock on I-30 the other day. A Jeep Grand Cherokee drove up along side me. She had a Hillary '08 sticker on the back window. The second she pulled up, my iPod started playing Journey's Don't Stop Believing.

Sopranos Parody anyone? Uncanny. Please tell me you get my sense of irony?

Autism Wackos

Just saw Jenny McCarthy on a late night talk show. Decided to bitch about these crazies one more time. Maybe you could pass my kind words on to them when you get a chance. Pretty please?

Listen kiddies. As long as you keep going on and on about this "strong" link between autism and vaccines, you'll continue to do a great disservice to the men and women actually working on finding any one of the many possible actual causes. Get off your little bandwagon and let the CDC and the AMA get down to business. For crying out loud, you've convinced grandpa McCain that there's a strong link too. That boy aint right. You've got senility on your side now. Yeesh. Quit playing mean tricks on grandpa. And what's up with the Mc/Mc in the last name of both of these idiots? Coincidence? Which Mc- is next? Jenny, girl, stick to the whole nude model thing so I can beat off to you again. You can keep blowing this autism nonsense out your ass, but that's all it amounts to. Remember how she told Howard Stern about her fart fetish? Makes sense now doesn't it? Go away, go away, go away crazy lady!!! All of a sudden these blonde bimbos have causes and want to be experts about something. Pam has PETA and Jenny is going with autism.

(insert multiple expletives here)