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Monday, May 26, 2008

Why this, Why that

This is my first attempt at hopefully a new installment of a series of posts I'll be labeling "Why oh why" because they ask why something is the way it is. Some of them will be of my own crazy creation and others will likely come from rather witty stand up comedians I hear on TV.

Why is the use of profanity deemed a childish behavior when children are not allowed to cuss? I mean, if it were childish, children would be cussing a lot more than they really do. It would almost make you think what they are saying means it's normal child behavior. Using profanity is widely accepted as part of adulthood fcuk you very much.
By that same token, proponents of being able to express yourself without profanity might be pushing it when they tell you that you should expand your vocabulary and not curse. It's all relative really. For instance, if I cuss and you don't, my vocabulary compared to your own *could* still be considered much broader.

Why do new clothes always smell the same? You know that smell? It's like every Walmart smells the same. Woops, now you know where I buy some of my clothes. Hey, not all of us are trendy teens anymore.

Really. Why do toasters have a setting that allows you to burn the bread?
(taken from an "email question" from Craig Ferguson's talk show)
We try so hard not to burn toast and set off the fire alarm. Make a toaster that doesn't have extra bitter, black, and crispy as an option.

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