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Friday, February 22, 2008

• Jack Kingston (R) Georgia got a few things wrong

The next time Republican Jack Kingston from Georgia wants to discuss Obama and the Pledge of Allegiance, he might want to check some facts at this page at Snopes first before making Barack out to be someone who isn't proud of America.

He also went after Mrs. Obama for what she said about her American pride.

So let's take a look at what she said. Many sites and pundits are getting the quote wrong and stating the exact quote is of some importance.

"...for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country."

Kind of like how in the past I've been pissed off, but right now I'm really pissed off at Republicans who keep spinning the quote to fit their fancy. I know Republicans are not experts when it comes to a little thing called nuance. Nuance isn't part of your vocabulary, but somehow platitude is?

And Jack, you said that she has yet to come out and clarify her remarks. On Wednesday, February 20th according to the AP, she did clarify her remarks to a Rhode Island TV station. It's now Friday and you're a little behind on the news.

"What I was clearly talking about was that I'm proud in how Americans are engaging in the political process," she said. "For the first time in my lifetime, I'm seeing people rolling up their sleeves in a way that I haven't seen and really trying to figure this out...and that's the source of pride that I was talking about."

Care to spit out any more bs Jack? Now, if you don't mind, I'd like you to put your hand on your chest for another pledge. I'll pull down my pants and you may kiss my ass before and after pledging your allegiance to it.

Why Bill Maher didn't go after him baffles me.

(EDIT 2/23/2008)

After perusing the internet this afternoon, I discovered I wasn't the only one flipping out over these lies Bill let slip past the filter. People apparently flooded the message boards, sent Bill emails, and blogged the bejesus out of this topic last night and this morning. I have a spot on my left butt cheek just for you Bill. You and Jack can take turns. Bill's beginning to tip over the edge, especially after the blurb on medicine where he went off last week with Bob Costas and the other guests. I'm growing less fond of his show. I'm sure he's losing lots of viewers after the last two shows. Looks like my Friday nights are going to have a little more free time. 

Thursday, February 21, 2008

• Ice Queen McCain

If you think Hillary is an ice queen, then you should not have any problem with me pointing out that McCain's wife looks like an icy witch too. That shrew makes Hillary look like a princess. We don't need cryogenic technology to freeze John McCain's body. Just let him kiss his wife and he'll be turned stone cold instantly. Why has she suddenly stepped up to stand at his side in almost every public appearance? If anything, the prude hurts his image even more. I'd rather see Al Gore kiss Tipper on a video loop connected to a big screen TV in high definition. I find it amusing that the pundits on the Right find her attractive. I bet they think Ann Coulter is hot too. These Republicans wouldn't know hot if it sat on their face. They love their shrewy blonde stick figures, don't they?

• Jane Fonda Slip Up

Who cares if Jane Fonda said cunt on tv? I'm all for getting rid of censorship on television. Let people say these words and forget about playing the tippy toe game. I can't stand watching a movie that's been sissified by the censors. The things they say make absolutely no sense and we can always tell that the words we hear don't match the lips. It's bad enough that censors block these words out. It's even worse that this kind of stuff is considered newsworthy. Take away the shock value naughty words have by breaking television language wide open. Then maybe parents will be a little more involved with teaching their children what's right and wrong instead of hiding it from them. I sure as hell don't want to live in Disneyworld, USA. Do you?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

• Conservatives still debate Reagan deficit?

Can you believe there are conservatives out there who argue that Reagan did not leave a deficit?

Pick up an encyclopedia why don't ya? I own three different sets of them and all mention the huge deficit he left. I also have access to a little thing called the public library. What? You think it's some kind of liberal conspiracy? It's not like I looked it up on the internet.

These kinds of conservatives are beginning to resemble mental patients with paranoid symptoms. Schizo. Yeesh.

Friday, February 15, 2008

• Another School Shooting

I keep telling you that I say things you're not going to hear from most people, including the media. I'm not going to sit here and condone the behavior, but what I will say might tick you off. Let me just run through some recent history for you. You've got the shooting at VA Tech and Columbine. There's that fight between black students and white students in Jena. Even more recently, a student at a junior high was killed. He was described as an outsider that came to school in some feminine clothing and make up. The 14 year old that killed him is getting charged with both premeditated murder and a hate crime. Now you've got a very smart young man at Northern Illinois shooting people. You rarely hear the side of things I'm going to talk about. The news always likes to portray these shooters/victims as troubled young people with a history of violent behavior, substance abuse, or mental illness. Let's hear about the side of them that was ridiculed their entire lives by the "in" crowd.

This will serve as a warning to every parent with a child involved in athletics, cheerleading, or any other socially popular crowd. They treat anyone different like crap. The mean jokes and sick humor these young people are capable of creating set the stage for another similar event. One of these days, the guy or girl you ridiculed is going to get pushed over the edge and act on all that anger and abuse they've felt. Whether or not killing is right or wrong isn't going through their mind at that point. What they're thinking is revenge will make them feel better. How do I know? Personal experience. I know those thoughts all too well.

If you don't want your kid to beat you to the grave, then teach them how to treat people with respect and kindness. You could argue that the kids that get picked on just need to get thicker skin, but the reality is thicker skin only covers up the real problem. It doesn't address the root of the problem. Here's what I see in our future if you don't get serious about this. There is going to be a lot of acting out as a result of rejection and ridicule in adolescent life. You're going to see a lot more school shootings. You're going to see a lot more hate directed at gays and blacks. The fat girls are going to develop eating disorders or kill themselves. The guys who get rejected over and over again are going to end up registered sex offenders after venting their frustration through sexual assault.

You can't blame Hollywood on this one. You're going to have to smack some sense into your snot nosed uppity teen before they turn into someone who makes fun of anyone that is different. Video games and music don't start the fire. Some of it may feed the flame, but the spark is your little snot of a child.

The more time I spend in the workplace, the more I'm beginning to notice how much adult life resembles all the bullshit we went through in high school. If you want things to change, it has to start with you, mother and father. No solution cooked up in government is going to make a damn bit of difference. Religion isn't going to solve things either. The responsibility is in the hands of the parents. Just get off your butt and do it. Otherwise you'll get no sympathy from me when your son or daughter gets a bullet in the head because they or their friends treated someone like crap.

Are you a motivational speaker? Are you a church leader? Are you a youth counselor? You need to break it down this way. Respect and kindness is going to get you a lot further than lectures on ignoring bullies and talking to someone if you feel depressed. If you can't get down and dirty like I told you, you're just wasting a lot of time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

• Re: Bill Maher 2-1-2008

I really wanted Bill to mention Ann Coulter's bs that came out of her ass of a mouth today about campaigning for Hillary Clinton if McCain gets the Republican nomination. If I were Hillary, I would have come on national TV and declined the gesture and would have flat out said no way in hell would I accept her endorsement. Coulter claims that Clinton is more conservative than McCain.

Bill didn't, so I was disappointed.

There was one joke, however, that I heard him tell that I expected to have a completely different punch line. He was sitting down with that jerk off, Frank Luntz, and they discussed his Playboy article reflecting on a survey of liberals vs conservatives regarding sex. I've already heard something like these results before on his show, but apparently liberals have more interesting sex lives and conservatives have happier sex lives. So here came Maher's joke.

But Democrats are thinking about the person they're fucking. When Republicans have sex, they're not thinking about the person they're with. They're thinking about Democrats.

I expected a different joke because I've heard Bill talk about the almost homosexual infatuation Republican men have with Ronald Reagan. I expected him to say Republicans think about Reagan during sex instead of their spouse.

• Fascism: Left or Right?

I always hate it when I go on the more idiotic political discussion boards because riled up conservatives show up calling liberals fascists. They need to sit down, review some history behind fascism, and learn the meaning of the word. I came across a great post while on Technorati this evening that I think those conservatives need to read. Of course, they aren't going to read it because they behave exactly like this article says they do and they will simply shrug it off as liberal media bs so they can sleep at night.

The name of the post is If conservatives really, really hate being called fascists …

(The thing is, liberals really really hate being incorrectly called fascists)

... maybe they shouldn't talk and act like them. Maybe they shouldn't, at every turn, reveal their innate misogyny every time they talk about Hillary Clinton -- or for that matter, virtually any liberal woman politician. [RUSH] LIMBAUGH: But a lot of Democrats are worried that, you know, she doesn't have what it takes. She doesn't connect on TV. We talked about this. She doesn't come across as friendly. She doesn't -- she, you know, she's like -- my favorite name for her is Nurse Ratched. I mean, we created this whole concept of a testicle lockbox in connection with Mrs. Clinton.
There is a kind of interlocking directorate between white nationalists, gun culture, right-wing politicians, mercenary culture (like Soldier of Fortune), vigilante and militia movements, and elements within both Special Forces and—now—the privatized mercenary forces. It is hyper-masculine, racialist, militaristic and networked.

It really pins down the reality I experience here in the South walking amongst the gun toting, bible thumping, male rednecks and their kin folk. These conservatives really are laying the groundwork for the fascist right wing regime.  

What I often find very ironic is that these same conservatives tend to toss the following little tidbit out into discussions. They like to talk about how if the USA didn't kick some ass in WWII, we'd all be speaking German. You find that sort of comment in discussions related to the Iraq War and whether or not people support the troops. They like to throw it in your face that the troops are over there fighting for our freedom of speech to say what we do. Funny how we kicked the asses of fascists, but years down the road , these folks start resembling fascists. As a side note, Iraq has absolutely jack to do with freedom of speech over here. We're there for Iraqis now, not to protect our own freedom of speech from being destroyed by some foreign adversary. Anyone who says otherwise sounds an awful lot like those nationalistic Nazis we fought. 

patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts
•an extreme form of this, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries
•advocacy of political independence for a particular country

an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization
• (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice
First used in the Mussolini right-wing regime (1922-1943) and the Nazi regime in Germany.

If you also look up fascism in an encyclopedia, you'll learn that fascists didn't like socialism or communism. So the next time you call a liberal both a socialist and a fascist, I think you need to stop and rethink things. I can't believe some guy actually wrote a book called Liberal Fascism.

Friday, February 1, 2008

• CBS Blood Clot BS Story

I was just up watching CBS news around 4am and they were saying doctors aren't giving clot prophylaxis as often as they should. To put things in perspective, studies at individual hospitals, including a major hospital in Indianapolis, have found heparin prophylaxis for blood clots was not warranted for every patient and have adjusted their ER practices accordingly. Many hospitals automatically start patients on heparin for clot prophylaxis and a PPI for GI prophylaxis. Go in and look at a medication list in a chart. Everybody is on a heparin injection and pantoprazole.

Then they interviewed a woman who when in the hospital for knee surgery said she was not informed that she was at risk for a blood clot. Immobility after surgery means stasis after surgery. Surgeons know this. I guarantee that the forms she signed giving consent for the procedure listed blood clots as a risk somewhere. She just wasn't paying attention to the crap she was signing. Saying that nobody pays attention when they sign papers is a pretty piss poor excuse. I say bullshit to her. Hospitals these days are very anal about informed consent.