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Saturday, February 2, 2008

• Re: Bill Maher 2-1-2008

I really wanted Bill to mention Ann Coulter's bs that came out of her ass of a mouth today about campaigning for Hillary Clinton if McCain gets the Republican nomination. If I were Hillary, I would have come on national TV and declined the gesture and would have flat out said no way in hell would I accept her endorsement. Coulter claims that Clinton is more conservative than McCain.

Bill didn't, so I was disappointed.

There was one joke, however, that I heard him tell that I expected to have a completely different punch line. He was sitting down with that jerk off, Frank Luntz, and they discussed his Playboy article reflecting on a survey of liberals vs conservatives regarding sex. I've already heard something like these results before on his show, but apparently liberals have more interesting sex lives and conservatives have happier sex lives. So here came Maher's joke.

But Democrats are thinking about the person they're fucking. When Republicans have sex, they're not thinking about the person they're with. They're thinking about Democrats.

I expected a different joke because I've heard Bill talk about the almost homosexual infatuation Republican men have with Ronald Reagan. I expected him to say Republicans think about Reagan during sex instead of their spouse.

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