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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The "One Of Us" Military

I'm writing this in light of the recent story about the atheist coming under fire in the Army for being an atheist.

I'm going to piss off a few service members on this one, but I don't care. The idea that we should respect you just because of your service is really getting out of hand in our country. Yes it is a volunteer military, but if you're going to behave without discipline and respect for your fellow comrades in arms, you've got no place being there and you'll get no respect from me. I've got absolutely no patience or respect for that kind of military man. Marines seem to be the worst. I don't think they really understand semper fidelis. They really don't like it when you rock their boat, so they piss and moan at the slightest tremor. They might even threaten to beat your ass. Yes, I've had that happen to me online many times. Oh that's a reassuring quality for our soldiers to have. You take pride in fighting for the rights that we have, yet when it comes to the laws in this country, you don't even hesitate to go outside the law and beat somebody up. Grow up kids. I always have to remind myself that these guys aren't paid to think.

In the US military, unless you are okay with the "you're one of us" frame of mind, the others who signed up are going to give you grief. You've got to be a yes man. I can't even imagine what it's like to be different than the standard issue army brat. Well, actually I can in a small way as I am a liberally minded individual living in the South among religious bigots in a city where there's an airforce base. If you're different than their norm, they don't particularly like you, nor do they care what you think. They've also taught their kids to keep their beliefs confined to those same stipulations.

Unfortunately, that's what I see now when I read your "Support the Troops" magnet. I don't see a respectful soldier fighting for our freedom. I see an arrogant and angry dick who although might be fighting for the guy next to him, still chooses to treat anyone lacking the if you will, "traditional" rank and file disposition, with outright malice. That is not worthy of any respect and gives our military a bad name. Shameful.

You may be too chicken shit to speak ill of our troops, but I won't hesitate when I see this kind of crap going on.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mythbusters 747 vs Taxi Cab

I only watch Mythbusters when I have time, so I haven't seen every single episode. They showed Episode 1 of their supersized special tonight. One of the stories confirmed in this episode brought back memories of trying something similar.

The Myth (Confirmed)
Jet wash can toss a vehicle through the air when behind the plane

It reminded me of my experiences in the Caribbean driving a death trap of a car called a Hyundai Atos behind jets as they prepared to take off from the airport. We'd drive behind giant KLM's and Air France jets as well as the smaller American Airlines jets. Sand would blow everywhere and the car would rock. Obviously, we never went airborne. Tourists actually have fun getting sandblasted at the beach located at the end of the runway when they're hanging out at a bar called Sunset Beach Bar. Granted you're not as close as the taxi was in this Mythbusters episode.

If you ever go to St. Maarten, I highly recommend trying this out.

By the way, I still can't get over watching them blow up that cement mixer. Wow. They blew that thing all to hell. That was fun to watch over and over again.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Screaming for the Pope???

I'm just watching the coverage of the walking talking freak show they call the Pope. At one point I heard people screaming for him in the background almost like I was watching American Idol. You've got to be joking. He's there to talk about priest sex abuse and people are acting like the Beatles are in town instead of maintaining some kind of serious demeanor. Contain yourselves people.

The dude's name is Joseph Alois Ratzinger. Ratzinger? That's not sexy. Neither is Benedict. Don't scream at him like he's a pop star or a sex symbol. He's not.

I bet there are women in the background holding up signs that read "I want to have your love child." Can you imagine?

Silly Catholics.

I would have considered meeting John Paul both an honorable and memorable experience.

This guy is just too much of an ass in comparison and he just plain looks creepy. Halloween creepy.

(time passes)

CNN is discussing how the Pope is connecting with young people at a time when he's talking about sexual abuse of young people. I can't stop laughing. This is a comedian's dream come true. Are you kidding? Too easy to pick these gems up.

By the way, Bushie boy is a Methodist.

As for the priest shortage, it's all about market share. Simple as that.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Utah Teens Texting Nude Pics

Teens send nude photos by text message

Monticello, Utah

Apparently about 25 teens sent shots of body parts, sex acts, sexy dancing, etc to members of the opposite sex. Of course they got caught. So HNN runs the story and asks...

Who's to blame? The options offered by HNN:
Lax parents? Lax parents my ass. Media? Maybe in a round-about way. Remember, it's Utah. Fighting off "sex sex sex" is what people in a red state like Utah do best. Blame the media? What a cop out. Blame the classic rebellious teen mentality. When you try to keep the topic of sex away from youngins with raging hormones, you're going to get stories like this.

A HNN hired shrink says narcissism is the root of the problem. You know, Myspace and Paris Hilton. Me me me? No way chickie. You're way out of touch, especially for a blonde.

It's REBELLION. They live in Utah. I've been to Utah. It's always heartwarming to see goth kids in the malls instead of Mormon kids dressed up covering their magic underwear and refusing to interact with people around them. Yeah. That does happen in Utah. Utah parents try to keep their kids away from sex.

Way to go Utah. It's about damn time you showed us your tits. Granted the tits are jailbait, but it's still good to see the youth of our nation rebelling.

Where does possession of age appropriate naked photos fit in the kiddie porn legal scheme of things? If you're a 15 year old boy and the 15 year old girl texts you a naked photo, are you in possession of child pornography or age appropriate content? Both are wrong, I'm guessing, but still, it's a relevant question to ask.

And for the perverts who land on this page looking for porn, go get help you creepy old men. While teen rebellion is normal, what you're doing is not. Sicko.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Compassion Forum???

Looks more like "Let's get some good PR" forum. I'm sure everybody will say some important things and decent questions will get asked, but do we really need to hear what they're saying at this point in the campaign? Hopefully you've been listening to every debate up to now. If you haven't, I don't think it's a good idea for you to start now. Voting has serious consequences. We've learned that the hard way.

Holy hell look at all the religious questions! Be compassionate to your viewers and leave God at the door. Fcuk! (Yeah, the clothing store :P )

Is this Liberal Faith Fluff day? You know, they'll attempt to convince the crazies on the religious right that there are God-fearing liberals. They aren't voting for a Democrat anyway are they? Who cares. Don't pander to those religious nuts. Ah...a vote is a vote isn't it?

With the dissatisfaction from the religious right towards McCain, maybe the idea here is to see if some of those folks are willing to vote for Hillary or Barack. Independents may go for it, but any Christian conservative will snub their nose at such a thought.

When do you think life begins?
Are they really asking that? Stupid stupid stupid.

Okay, first off, they're asking the wrong question. Your wording has to be very specific if you're going to get involved in talking about abortion. You can't say "life" or "living" because anyone who took high school biology knows that cells are living by definition. You need to ask when you consider "it" a human being. Then you can move forward.

Where is forward? So glad you asked. Embryology 101 is where it's at. That's where you will get the answer. A human being at conception is a religious idea and as you all know, the world is full of people who practice different religions. Science, however, is universal. Sit down with an obstetrician and learn how a clump of cells turns into something else. Potential for human life is like potential to commit murder. You wouldn't arrest me even though, potentially, I could run out and kill someone tomorrow. Ever see Minority Report? Potential means exactly dick.

Doesn't work. End of discussion. Get lost. Move on. Quit being a stick in the mud. Aint gonna fix the problem. You want to fix the problem, don't you? Well convincing yourself that abstinence has worked might help you sleep at night, but the fact remains. It works about as efficiently as Lucille Ball at a production line.

Ugh this forum is so ridiculous. It's only as good as the questions that are asked. Well the questions suck donkey balls.

Yes Obama, you hit it right on the head. Self righteousness and the inability to admit that you're wrong when injecting religion into the public debate is a problem. You've got to learn how to word it so that these values and ethics can be communicated across all walks of life, not just spoken to the beat of the little drummer boy.

CNN, faith interwoven into the fabric of America is dangerous because Americans are dumb. People are generally dumb. Don't talk this stuff up because they aren't absorbing any of it.

"Fibromyalgia is real" commercial

Yeah. I know it's real. Who told you it isn't? What the hell is the point of your commercial? The medical community accepts fibromyalgia as a diagnosis. Anyone who tells you it isn't real obviously doesn't have a degree in medicine. Here's the kicker though. Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion. That means we've exhausted all other investigations looking for another diagnosis, including any kind of somatization disorder. It really could be all in your head. Yes. That is an actual diagnosis too. Yeah it's unfortunate that you're in so much pain. There is no easy set of guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia.

If you want to diagnose yourself, skip the trip to the doctor and deal with it on your own. If you want to know what's going on with you, docs are probably going to be able to figure it out. Sure there are some piss poor physicians out there who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Most of the time, however, they are on the level. Don't fight them tooth and nail when they tell you a professional opinion. Fibromyalgia is not an easy diagnosis to make.

What is wrong with this country???

Yes I have met patients with this diagnosis. I've listened to them and even know a few things that have worked to help relieve some of their pain.

A Useful Link
Diagnosing and Treating Fibromyalgia in a Patient With Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

• NutriSystem Commercial

By now you have probably seen the NutriSystem commercial with Dan Marino and Larry the Cable Guy. Let's look at the marketing plan here. Who is the audience? No brainer. Fat redneck men who may or may not have the typical invincible male ego appear to be their target audience. The one with bowling balls even features a twangy country tune in the background.

Go after 'em with the same marketing angle for smoking too while you're at it.

If I hear Git R Done one more time, I might have to raid Ted Nugent's military grade arsenal and take out a few of these people. I sure hope this phrase is a fad that will fade away like "Where's The Beef?"