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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kaylon Johnson Update

The local news reported today that a suspect in the Kaylon Johnson beating has been taken into custody. A 25 year old man named Jimmy Booth from Longview, Texas has been charged. At this point, he is only being charged with second degree battery, although the FBI is still figuring out whether or not to consider this a hate crime.

Officials also stated that there would not be any further arrests made. What? I thought at least two guys assaulted him. Is there a plea deal we are not hearing about? What gives? If police said that Booth was with three friends, I think a piece of the puzzle is missing.

Is there still going to be a vigil in Baton Rouge for Kaylon Johnson?

My hunch is that the FBI will call this one a hate crime. There is no way an attack where racial slurs directed towards the victim and Barack Obama could be considered anything other than a hate crime.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Golden Globe Nominations?

What the hell is this crap? Is anyone watching NBC?

They are announcing Golden Globe nominations live. Random actors are getting up at the microphone rattling off names of the nominations. Why? Good god this is boring! Perhaps they knew it would be boring, so to counteract the boredom, they hired big name stars to read the list. I'm guessing they got paid to do that. Eh?

What was the point of that? Did we really need Brooke Shields rattling off names shooting odd stares at the audience in between each one? In Public Speaking, that's what we call maintaining eye contact. It looked like she had something wrong with her eyes. Was that Elizabeth Banks? For some reason, I could imagine her sitting there practicing saying "Frost Nixon" over and over again. She made it sound like some kind of German sausage. "Froschtnixen."

The laughter from the crowd was irrelevant. The follow-up guy said it was because the movies mentioned were rather outrageous comedies. So what!

Was that really necessary? Did anyone get a rise out of that performance? I could care less about the Golden Globes, but there had to have been a better way to present the nominations. I'm obviously out of the loop on this one.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Man assaulted for wearing an Obama t-shirt

Saturday, December 6th, 2008
On Bert-Kouns and I-20 in Shreveport, a man was attacked by a group of people for wearing an Obama shirt. According to the victim, the men who attacked him were yelling "F- Obama" among other things. It happened too fast for him to really identify his attackers. The news also reported that the gas station attendant took down a license plate number.

Kaylon Johnson was at a gas station on Bert Kouns when a group of men began taunting him before attacking. Johnson stated that the attack was unprovoked. His injuries appeared to be limited to his face from the news footage. He had periorbital swelling and suffered a fracture to the orbit. Surgery is planned for later this week. The local news coverage has been kind of poor so far. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Our local news regardless of the station flat out sucks.

It is my understanding that Kaylon Johnson recently opened the Obama Shop where he sells Obama related merchandise, including t-shirts. He was also apparently part of the grassroots support of Barack Obama in the area.

Welcome to Louisiana. Anyone out there still cocky enough to have southern pride?


The day I read about the shooting at the church near Knoxville, TN, I knew something like that would happen here eventually. This is why I don't talk politics with anyone I meet in this town. This is why I don't put any bumper stickers on my vehicle. This is why I blog with anonymity. As a resident of Shreveport, I know how strong the redneck conservative voice is down here. It's scary, really, to have to live here and I'm white. I could easily become a target of this sort of hate.

Shreveport PD is investigating, but I am not confident in their work. If you recall, the Shreveport Police Department has been involved in at least two national headline-worthy stories. The first was when Airman Elio Carrion was shot while on leave from Iraq. The incident was videotaped. There was a police chase where Carrion was a passenger. As Carrion began to obey orders to get up, the officer shot him. The second event occurred more recently. Angie Garbarino was pulled over for a DWI and while in police custody, was apparently beaten off camera. One minute she was sitting in a chair, and the next, she was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. The Shreveport PD is not exactly a by the book bunch.

12-12-2008 - An Update
According to KSLA News 12, the FBI is investigating this case. Johnson has undergone two surgeries to repair his eye socket, nose, and tear duct. There is now a fund to help with his health care and legal bills. A candlelight vigil will be held on December 18 from 7 to 8pm on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. More info on the vigil is available through the Barack Obama web site.

Steve Hall, a senior agent with the FBI Shreveport office is asking anyone with information related to the incident to call the FBI at 318-861-1890 or the Shreveport PD at 318-673-7373.

I'll try to stay on top of this story, although I will be very busy until Tuesday.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Paul Carmouche, John Fleming, and Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal has thrown in his support for Dr. John Fleming running for Congress. The election is tomorrow, but over the last week, I have been getting phone calls almost every evening on behalf of John Fleming. The phone calls consist of recordings where Governor Bobby Jindal spews negative rhetoric against Paul Carmouche. These are not just one time calls. Last night, I counted seven calls in the span of four hours. Piyush aka Bobby is one of those ugly kinds of Christians who sees nothing wrong with speaking ill of another human being. If Bobby Jindal plans on running for President in 2012, this *should* come back to bite him in the ass. We just went through all the negativism and hate with Sarah Palin. We'll have to deal with it all again if Bobby Jindal runs. Consider yourself informed. Now you know Bobby Jindal is a slave to the RNC machine and prefers cutthroat politics over standing on positive platforms designed to unite this nation.

Negative ads have plagued television broadcasts all day every day. I will be glad when the election is over. Carmouche is not exempt from guilt. He has been slinging mud too. However, I am seeing more ads coming from Fleming directed at smearing Paul Carmouche. Fleming is playing up the word "Liberal" as a bad thing. Both of them should be ashamed. I turn the tv off every time one of these ads comes on the screen.

At this point, I don't think many voters even know what either candidate plans on doing. I probably won't vote tomorrow. I don't like the idea of rewarding a candidate for running a negative campaign. Carmouche isn't exactly my kind of Democrat either. He's one of these Blue Dog Democrats with Conservative talking points. In fact, he touts himself as pro-gun and pro-life. As someone who is pro-choice and expects a certain level of gun control, Carmouche does not speak to me as a voter.

Monday, December 1, 2008

National Security Team Press Conference

For those of you who spent the entire election season saying the media was being soft on Barack Obama, pay special attention to the questions being asked at this press conference. None of the questions have been softly pitched. They are hell bent on taking quotes from the heated election season and playing them against him. They are looking for a little bit of drama between a group of people who may not agree with each other on every little thing. They are asking for details related to his policy decisions. They are very aware of his national security plans and demanded some clarification on a few specific subjects, including troop withdrawal and drawdowns.

Does the media have a love affair with Barack Obama? Maybe a select few have been overly affectionate in their coverage. However, if you think they were soft on the guy during the primaries and the general election, you were watching different coverage than I was.

The one criticism I will make is that Obama does sound a little choppy and is not the best orator. As for actually fielding the questions the press asked, he was on target. He made sure not to step on the toes of the current administration. He is right. National security issues are the responsibility of the current administration and not the President-elect or his new security team. He may have an opinion on the matter, but it means absolutely jack in current policy decisions. Another positive note to make is that he seems to already be familiar with specific members of the press.

A New Trend: Being an "Independent" Voter

Has anyone out there noticed that when partisan politics becomes a topic of discussion, you always have an Independent sitting there with his or her arms out as if to say "Don't look at me. I'm neither Republican nor Democrat" completely exempt from responsibility? The label "Independent" has been confused with independent thinking. Independents are now people who are just fed up with the party they used to belong to. Does that change their core beliefs? Doubt it. Previously, you voted on the basis of either Conservative or Liberal principles. Suddenly becoming Independent does not alter those core principles. Those beliefs stayed the same. Being an Independent does not make you an unbiased source.

Being an Independent is the new way to be trendy. It's the loophole for those who like to criticize government without facing any criticism themselves. There is a certain smugness about it all. I know the smug reputation is a typical stereotype placed on the so called "Liberal elites," but the Independents are looking more and more smug these days.

Being an Independent does not mean your shit doesn't stink. On the whole, you still vote one way or the other and in that regard, you can be held accountable. You give off the sense that you are somehow not the least bit partisan, yet I have seen multiple examples of Conservative leaning Independents who flat out hate anyone who is a Liberal. I'm sorry, but that puts you on the other side of the fence and nowhere near anything Independent. To me, an Independent is someone who should, in all aspects, resemble a moderate voter. Instead, we have people on the far left and far right who also make themselves Independents. Those Independents are a far cry from being mediators between opposing sides. Take Lou Dobbs for example. As a self professed registered Independent, he fans the flame of partisan politics on a daily basis.

Do you know that here in the state of Louisiana, registered Independents cannot vote in certain elections? Your voice is not heard when primaries are held, for example. You are not involved in the political process. Is that your idea of being an Independent?

The new Independent voter is nothing more than someone who likes the spiffy new iron-on badge they added to their jacket. In any election, Independent voters are given credence just like partisan voters. Each side is going to try and play to the Independent voters to pull ahead. This notion is somewhat of a fallacy. As I've already pointed out, an Independent is ideally someone who sits in the middle and could sway in either direction. These new Independents are nothing of the sort.

Watch for these key phrases and be skeptical towards anyone who uses them.

I'm so glad I'm an Independent.
That's why I'm an Independent.
You can trust my opinion because I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat.
You can't blame me. I'm an Independent.
Don't look at me. I'm an Independent.

Let me give another example. Let's say you are generally liberally leaning on most issues. You want tax cuts for the middle class and understand taxes are necessary, so those who can afford to pay a little more, do. You like the idea of social programs and helping the poor. You support gay marriage. The only issue holding you back is abortion. You consider yourself pro-life. That one issue is not enough to consider yourself an Independent. That one issue does not put you in the gray area. One or two issues should not decide the party you are registered with.

If you are a politician running as an Independent, you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. Joe Lieberman would be a perfect example. You are not Independent. You just play each side against the other and hedge your bets. Lieberman is not a symbol of bipartisan progress.

If you are a voter who believes a little bit of both and sits more towards the middle, you are more than welcome to be Independent. You don't let one issue decide your vote. If you lean one way over the other, but are fed up with your own party, refuse to take any blame for your political choices, or use the label in an obstinate manner with the intent of being right all the time, you are nothing but a pretentious ass.

Why is this so important?
In every recent election, the politicians have been forced to cater to these people. They end up deciding the election. The fate of many rests in the decisions of the few.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Sales Must Come To An End

Black Friday sales are going to have to come to an end. The reports I have heard so far say that one has been killed by shoppers entering a Walmart and two other people were shot outside of a Toys 'R' Us.

Are you kidding me? You want something so bad that you're willing to push and shove your way into a store and trample another human being? Surely stores can come up with an organized way of allowing customers access during these sales.

The good side of Black Friday has to come to an end folks. I know stores rely on these sales to put them into the black financially, but it's not worth someone's life. How many more people need to get trampled before we figure out how to shop like civilized human beings? Why in the world would anyone want to carry a gun to go shopping at a Toys 'R' Us? A lawyer could arguably see that as a form of premeditation. What message are we sending?

Greed is making our nation fall apart on every level. It's time you took a good hard look at your life. Decide what is important. We shouldn't be hearing these stories every year. Want to be thankful for something? Be glad you stayed home and avoided these kinds of shoppers. In other countries, people stampede out of fear. Apparently in America, we trample people to buy useless crap.

We all seem to be on our own little trip of self importance.

I am publicly calling for a moratorium on the Black Friday sales.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"The Doctors" Becoming Novelty Show

The Doctors is a new television show featuring a handful of physicians spending an hour answering questions. People send in email questions and audience members ask questions of their own. The docs on the show have pop quiz segments before commercial breaks. Initially, I thought the show had promise. It looked like their goal was to inform.

Sadly, the show seems to be covering more novelty topics. Did they really discuss whether or not penis size matters? Can you have sex during a woman's period? These are the new topics? I know what is going on. The execs want ratings. You don't get ratings talking about boring problems.

Obesity is a huge problem in our country. There have been some shows discussing this epidemic. It doesn't do anyone any good to get sidetracked from the important health issues facing our nation.


You want to help your colleagues out? Get some repetition in there. Cover obesity every single day. Repeat key phrases to motivate people towards eating healthy and exercising.

Do you want to make it interesting? Discuss current news topics. I can think of two stories Americans recently saw on the news. The first has to do with the possible HIV cure via a bone marrow transplant. The second has to do with a cancer medication being a possible cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Explain the neat science behind those stories. Feed our patients some knowledge.

Don't be a novelty show! I feel like at any given moment, the kid from the movie Jerry Maguire is going to come out and say "Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McCain's Concession Speech Audience

I listened to McCain's concession speech last night. Aside from the fact that he gave a very gracious speech and that it was apparent the McCain that spoke last night was the guy that should have been the one in 2000, one other thing stood out. The reactions from the crowd were troubling. There were very bitter boo's and some were shouting out things I couldn't quite hear clearly. Given the recent problems with foul things being yelled out at McCain/Palin rallies, I can only assume the shouts at the concession speech had some equally foul content.

What troubles me is the comparison between the reactions to the McCain speech and the reactions to Obama. When McCain complimented Obama, there were boo's. When Obama complimented McCain, there was applause and people cheered. That was the difference. That was the division speaking out. That is the sentiment we do not need. I am still waiting to hear any news coverage shedding light on this behavior. Not even The View this morning was willing to dive that deep.

I wish I could remember the reactions at the Gore concession speech. I know there were chants and occasional outcry when Gore said things which implied he was conceding. I do not remember any real foul remarks or reactions when Gore mentioned Bush in this concession speech. In any competition, you give credit and respect to your opponent.

There are agreeably bad eggs on either side of the fence. I will not argue with that. However, the negative attitude on the Right is not the American way. The result of the election last night sent that message. We will not stand for the politics of hate.

After watching Bill Maher on Friday night, the 7th of November, I can add a little more to this post. Maher brought up this very subject and I'm glad he did. He showed footage of the Kerry concession speech. Guess what? When Kerry mentioned congratulating monkey boy (Bush), you did not hear a single boo. You didn't hear anyone applaud, but you did not hear outrage and disgust.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be Ready for Post-election Humor

If and when John McCain loses the election, comedians should take this one tip.

Write jokes related to Joe the Plumber.

Imagine every joke you possibly can about Joe the Plumber dealing with a campaign that got completely flushed down the toilet.

Plungers, toilets, pipes, and butt-cracks, oh my!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Louisiana Family Forum Sends Out Propaganda & Lies

I received a piece of Louisiana Family Forum propaganda today in the mail. They tried to legitimize it by printing it in newspaper format. Even the type of paper it was printed on appeared similar. The unsuspecting reader may interpret this piece of propaganda as legitimate news.

The front page compares Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin on mostly social issues. The entire column next to Obama/Biden was filled with the word "No" and of course, the McCain/Palin side was flooded with the word "Yes." So much for educated critical thinking. Oh wait, these idiots rely on "faith" and an imaginary friend.

Upon turning the page, I found similar comparisons between other candidates running for Louisiana Office. What stood out was that on more than one occasion, many Democratic candidates had "unknown" positions. For instance, they seem to think that Mary Landrieu's stance on prostitution is "unknown." Give me a break.

For a group pushing good family values, they sure do like to deceive. I burned the damn thing. I hope they taste the same flame when they all burn in Hell for these sins. Dirty Christian Conservatives really take the cake. This is just one more example of how low so called "Christians" will go to push an agenda. If you align yourself with an organization as devious as the Louisiana Family Forum, you should rethink your religious commitments. These people are in no way, shape, or form, good people and you should reconcile to cut all ties with them.

What do you expect? It's Louisiana after all. These backwoods evangelicals wouldn't know right from wrong if Jesus himself came down and ripped them a new one for lying in his name.

Lie away you filthy bastards. I'm onto your BS and I'm going to knock you around every time you send me this crap in the mail.

Let me suggest one more thing. If you want to turn your backs on science, then I highly recommend you stop going to the doctor to fix your ailments. Stick to prayer and see how far that gets you. The more you try to chip away at what science stands for, the more likely it is that the quality of health care and technology in this country will crumble like dirt in your hand. You are in essence, paving the way towards the United States of Dumb.


Send all complaints to
Louisiana Family Forum
655 Saint Ferdinand St
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
or call them up

Read more about these nutjobs at Wikipedia

The LFF is also a huge Bobby Jindal supporter. I have encountered a phone survey from the LFF with questions geared towards socially conservative issues and whether or not I held a favorable opinion of Bobby Jindal.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tom Sawyer Stuck, Thanks Chuck!

In last night's episode of Chuck, the game Missle Command was brought back to into the spotlight. In order to reach the Kill Screen and prevent WWIII, Chuck learns that the game follows along with the song Tom Sawyer by Rush. That song is now stuck in my head.

In some small way, I should offer my sincere thanks. After the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller, I couldn't stop listening to that song. Now I have transitioned into a Rush kick. I don't know if this is a good thing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gas Prices: Something to watch for

Gas prices are dropping to under $3 all across the country. I have yet to hear a clear reason as to why the prices are really dropping. Not long ago, we were faced with a supply issue related to hurricanes in the Gulf. Many stations were bone dry after a brief panic. Now that the economy is tanking, what is up with gas prices?

[conspiracy theory]
Since Bush & Co. caters to big oil, I would not be surprised if he nudged a few of his buddies to stop gouging so much. Pick a reason that makes sense for you. Explanations are endless.
[/conspiracy theory]

Big Oil has always fallen back on the supply & demand defense when confronted with accusations of price gouging in light of record breaking profits. Many said that because high prices would reduce usage, eventually demand would drop and in turn, prices would follow. Is that what we are seeing? The cycle, according to Big Oil, will continue because when prices drop, demand will suddenly spike and drive prices up again. If supply & demand really is behind all of this, I would expect to see this trend. If this trend does not play out, I will be left scratching my head and back on the price gouging bandwagon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Teen shot while TPing a house

This story is why I'm not sold on the notion of using guns to protect your home and property.

I heard it on the local news and don't know all of the specifics. I'm not sure what town this occurred in either. Here's what I do know.

A few teens were toilet papering some guy's house. It was very early in the morning. The home-owner thought they were trying to break into his garage. Well he grabbed a shotgun and fired away. He hit a 14 year old in the chest, abdomen, and lower extremity. At this point, there is no information about what charges are going to be pressed.

I understand the need to protect yourself and your home. The problem is, people with guns are arguably a little on the trigger happy side. Gun enthusiasts always boast that they are responsible with their firearms. It's not the firearm that worries me. It's the brain of the guy or gal holding the firearm that seems to be the problem. Fear dictates your perception. Plain and simple. It sounds as though this home-owner wanted to shoot first and ask questions later.

I've been TP'd before. Kids scatter when you turn on the lights. I never got the impression anyone was breaking into the house. We let the dog loose. We might grab a kid by the collar and call his parents. What we didn't do was fire away into the night at anyone.

If gun enthusiasts weren't so damn trigger happy, I wouldn't be so supportive of gun laws. If I'm not sure and I'm holding a gun, I err on the side of caution. Of course, I'm not trigger happy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Rumor to Debunk: Obama Voting Present

I see this point being used by the McCain campaign and his Conservative supporters. The supporters like to say that Obama voted "present" the majority of the time he was in the Senate. This rumor is based on a number floating around out there. I'm pretty sure the number they use is 130.

What they forget to tell you is that out of over 4000 votes, Obama voted present 129 times. According to, his "present" votes only account for about three percent of his voting record.

Where did you learn math? Redneck Institute for the Dimwitted? Explain to me how three percent is considered the most of anything?

I have two links for you to read. Of course, I am assuming you learned how to read at a different school. I sure hope your reading comprehension is better than your skills in mathematics.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The VP Debate: Biden vs Palin

Man oh man. Okay, let's keep the analysis simple.

Sarah Palin did better than I thought she would as far as getting words out of her mouth. She started out nervous as hell. She was gasping for air and swallowing like she was trying to force as many words across her tongue as possible.

Then there were the questions she did not answer. Instead of answering the question asked, she tried to respond to Biden's criticisms. She completely forgot to go back to the question. She fell back to party line banter. Taxes this and taxes that just like I figured she would. She would run down bullet points and lacked direction many times. I did not hear clear plans. I heard key words and phrases, but no real specifics. When she did give specifics, she was on the defensive. Many times, she was unable to refute attacks. She survived the debate, but did not win. Like the campaign trail, she spoke to the Conservative base. She was unable to convincingly portray her team as the Maverick Team. She kept using the word, but it did not stick. Palin also took a jab at the media in order to appeal to the Conservative base. Sorry toots. Cry me a river.

Can she stop calling it "eye" raq and "eye" ran?

Biden was also speaking a little too fast. He would say words and kind of muddle through without trying to annunciate. He was still able to focus his criticism on McCain. His answers and understanding of the intricate detail of the problems this country faces illustrate the experience this guy has. He didn't need many zingers to bust her balls. Of course, the Bridge to Nowhere jab was well placed. He was able to refute many challenges Palin brought at him, especially with regard to taxes. He clearly pointed out that anyone making under $250k would not see a cent in tax increases and then refuted the attack related to small business. Palin tried to spin it so small businesses would be hit with tax hikes and Biden was able to point out that the vast majority of small businesses still fall under the $250k limit. Biden was also able to shoot down the notion that McCain is some sort of maverick. There were times when Palin tried to drive a wedge between stances Biden has taken in light of Obama's own votes, but he didn't answer those attacks. Maybe he should have. Biden spoke to middle America and hopefully they believed in what he had to say.

Biden won the debate, but Palin proved she wasn't going to freeze up. She did fall back to party line. She is too partisan for reform. Her idea of reform is going to be the same as what Mitt Romney proposed in his RNC speech. They want to rid government of Liberal policy. The middle of the road is not her plan, nor is it the target for McCain. Let's face it. Liberals are just better at compromise.

According to ABC News, Biden talked for 40 minutes and 26 seconds. Palin talked for 40 minutes and 59 seconds. Both had instances where they needed to wrap up, but I think Palin was the only one to get called on time.

It seems Americans on the internet are no more informed than Sarah Palin.

General McKiernan is who Palin was talking about. She repeatedly called him McClellan.

Talabani also seems to be off the radar screens of Americans.
Jalal Talabani is the Iraqi President.
Nouri al-Maliki is the Prime Minister.

It's so nice to see we have an informed electorate.

VP Debate Predictions

There is no doubt all eyes will be on Sarah Palin tonight in the VP debate. Support behind Palin has been slipping away over the last few weeks. Many are expecting to see her ass get handed to her by Joe Biden. Hard core Republicans say she will win, and perhaps that only has to do with their blind and somewhat arrogant support behind her. Americans have a hard time differentiating between the reality of what will happen and what they want to happen.

Let me first start out by saying I am in the group that wants to see her ass get handed to her. I am behind Biden all the way. That being said, there are a few realistic points to consider. All of these things are rooted in her recent behavior and comments.

Based on what we saw at the RNC, I expect Palin to lie through her teeth. That's right. This woman has lied on numerous occasions about everything under the sun. Even Andrew Sullivan, widely seen as fairly conservative, has called attention to these lies and has even made attempts at asking for the truth from the campaign. Whether it's taxes or the war, she will lie right to the camera.

As I'm writing this a McCain ad just came on tv talking about this past week. He says Republicans have blamed Democrats and Democrats have blamed Republicans. Well soldier boy, we'll see more of that tonight. Biden is going to smack Bush Republicans around like red-headed step-children and Palin is going to blame Liberal ideology for the downfall of society (in not so many words). Get off your high horse. It's starting to chafe your backside old man.

The difference between this debate and the RNC will be that Sarah Palin does not have the added benefit of a teleprompter telling her what to say. Her Sports Journalism degree via education from six different institutions is not going to do her any good in this setting. It is my understanding that in the VP debate, each candidate has five minutes of talk time for each question. Even if they were only given two minutes as the Presidential candidates were provided, I will make this prediction. She will either talk over her mark if given two minutes or fall well short of the five minute mark. She simply does not have enough experience or charm for that matter to talk for five minutes, even if she is a woman.

Biden does have a history of talking too long. I am not worried about his ability to fill in the blanks. He also knows how to kick somebody's ass. Pundits have said Biden must find a healthy balance between attack and restraint so as to not look like he's beating up on a "poor woman" or coming off as disabled or unarmed. Biden has been participating in debates throughout this entire campaign season, so he's ready. No question there.

My advice tonight:

For those who still think Obama does not have a plan, listen to Biden without your smug discontent and irrational hatred you have for Liberals. You might actually hear a plan once your ears decide to work.

For those expecting Palin to flounder, don't be surprised when she does her best impression of Captain Kirk. Even though her twangy accent is obnoxious, her choppy speech pattern is going to make her very difficult to listen to for any extended period of time.

Whoever thinks Palin is telling the truth no matter what needs to visit BEFORE the debate to fill in some blanks, especially with regard to taxes. Obama is going to lower taxes for 95 percent of working families and FactCheck states that over 80 percent of tax payers will see tax breaks.

Biden better be ready to point out every instance where this little bitch decides to lie to America. Palin is going to come off snarky like that annoying ex-girlfriend.

That is all. Enjoy the show. I'll pop the popcorn.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Foundation For Better Life Commercial

There is a commercial by the Foundation For Better Life on TV where children who are mentally disabled are participating in a race. It resembles the Special Olympics style competition. One of the boys runs ahead of the others, but falls down flat on his face. The crowd just sits there and gawks at what just happened. The camera zooms onto a man and woman, a couple that I would assume is the boy's parents.

Now call me crazy, but if I were the parent of a kid that just ate the pavement, my ass would run down to see if he was okay. Heck, if I were on the sidelines as a spectator or coach, I'd be running to help. Instead, we get to wait and watch the children running in the race come up to the boy, help him up, and finish the race together holding hands.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Barack Obama Has A Plan...

The number one complaint I have about Conservatives is that they try to convince everyone that the Democratic candidates don't have a plan. They ran the spin with Kerry. They did the same thing with Gore. Now they are doing the same thing with Obama. Visit any political forum where Conservatives frequent. I don't listen to Rush, but I guarantee that's the shit he's spewing too. Name your Conservative pundit and I bet dollars to donuts it's right up there with party line "Liberals raise your taxes" and "Liberals want to take away your guns."

Democrats will tell any idiot who has the audacity to claim Obama doesn't have a clear plan that they have NOT been paying attention. That's right. Conservatives who claim Obama is all talk have not listened to him talk one bit. Where have they been the last few months? Oh I know. Listening to McCain and Company.

If you have been listening, the specifics of his plan are there. Granted those specifics are going to have to change after this economic bail out package failed to get through Congress. Events on the ground in Iraq and Stan Land will obviously change, so the fluid situation that is war will alter the plans of either candidate. You cannot argue with that. New information requires a change in planning. Duh.

But let's say things don't change all that much...

Let me tell you where to start. Visit the official Barack Obama web site. Read through it. The specifics are there. Go to and do some reading. You'll find your answers. Visit YouTube. You can listen to Obama tell you to your face. If you're still not happy, watch the freakin' debates! Record them if you have to. Take notes on what Obama says. Democrats understand the plan. Many Independents understand the plan. Why don't you?

Wait. I'll explain why you don't.

I know exactly what your problem is. You disagree with his plan. His plan is not a Conservative plan. In order for you to think of it as a plan, you have to agree with the principles behind the plan. I'm no cowboy, but I'd gladly wear a pair of boots just so I can put one right up your ass for being so obstinate.

Done and done.

Wait, there's one last thing. You'd like to throw this in my face and claim that I did not spoon feed you the plan. That, my dear children, is called being lazy. I thought handouts were frowned upon by you chucklehead Neocons. I could spend hours writing up the specifics Obama has proposed only to watch you wander off into space in disagreement. Like I said, if you disagree with Liberal (or even moderate) politics, you won't consider his ideas a plan.

Let me just say it one last time. You have not been listening. That is your problem. Open your eyes and ears, but more importantly, open your minds before you taste the toe of my new boots in the back of your throat.

These are the issues I view as important to all of us right now
Iraq & The (so called) War On Terror
Foreign Policy & National Security
The Economy
The Environment
Energy & Oil Dependency
Health Care Coverage
Tax Cuts for the rest of us

Friday, September 12, 2008

How Do We Combat The Handout Myth?

How do we, as Liberals, combat what I am now calling the "Handout Myth" that Conservatives spew out on forums all across the net? Not familiar with it? Let me explain.

The post will usually start out calling Liberals a bunch of socialists and move into discussing why social programs are a financial drain on our society. At some point, they will try to make the case that millions of Americans are mooching off of the government instead of getting off their butts and getting jobs. They make the case that millions are lazy and we are giving them handouts. They try to make it seem like millions are not willing to work.

Let me shed some light on this subject by giving you a sample of my own personal experiences. I work in medicine. I get to see patients day in and day out who are struggling to make ends meet. Doctors are twisting and turning in search of options for these patients, especially with regard to affordable medications. I assume you cannot object to this reality and you are following along with me so far. Most of them, regardless of race or gender, are generally apathetic about their options. They don't see a way out. They feel stuck and they are stuck.

The next thing that I notice is that these same people are very often receiving some sort of government benefit or "handout" if you will. Pick any "handout" you like and these people are getting it. Now let me introduce you to an interesting twist. Quite often, these same people vote Republican. Before you accuse me of making a sweeping broad statement, let me explain why I know how they vote. These people openly volunteer this sort of information to us in the midst of taking a history as some form of casual conversation. Sometimes they are rather rude in presenting themselves as staunch Republicans. Where does that put them in this grand scheme of handouts and laziness? Spend any amount of time in the inpatient Psych department and you will see numerous examples. These particular psych patients are very often obese white males and females with disheveled appearances. Are these the lazy folks the handouts are given to? It seems to me, they have very legitimate reasons for needing assistance. It seems to me the men and women I meet in Family Practice clinics across this country often have trouble making ends meet and have no options for upward mobility at this stage in their lives. Without assistance, they would be doomed.

Let me now read between the lines. The ones bitching about government handouts are typically hard working conservative white people. They are often simply blue collar workers, but the sentiment extends into the upper income brackets as well. What they won't openly say online is that the so called lazy impoverished moochers they speak of are blacks and hispanics and that their comments are racially motivated. Their frame of reference is rooted in stereotypes passed on by their friends and coworkers around the water cooler. I would wager large sums of money that they are not close friends with anyone who even could be mooching off of government handouts. Their evidence only goes as far as a story a buddy told them or maybe even as far as something they have seen on television. Where do you meet these handout seekers? Do you even understand the concept of upward mobility?

So how do we combat this myth? How is it that so many people can say the government is giving handouts to lazy people unwilling to work hard without any form of rebuke? Their concept of goverment handouts is often justification for their entire take on society and in turn motivates them to vote a certain way.

I'm not going to sit here and say there are not lots of bad apples scamming the welfare system, but to use the few to justify the condemnation of many is deplorable. What is equally deplorable is using examples of people not on welfare to support your argument against welfare recipients. Your argument is that people don't need or deserve handouts. If I can present the case that they do in fact need assistance, would you change your tune? Let's try, shall we? You'll probably come up with something like this. People are living beyond their means and mooching off of your hard earned money. They are living on welfare, but at the same time somehow miraculously also have cable television, cell phones, and internet access. No, as a matter of fact, they do not. People living in the vast middle class live that way. People who are not on welfare live that way. If you live below them and on welfare, the money is usually spent on children, food, and other necessities. Again, there are a few bad eggs and some welfare checks go towards substance abuse, alcoholism, and other vices. Then again, you don't know anyone on welfare, do you? You might know lazy white rednecks or lazy (apathetic & lacking upward mobility mind you) blacks and hispanics, but they are middle class and blue collar. Yep. Employed. Just like you as a matter of fact. You are criticizing your own kind and not the down and out who may or may not hold not one, but two or even three jobs. The fact still remains. You are talking about the wrong people to justify your take on taxes and Liberal policy decisions.

Let's talk about your hard earned money for a moment. I assume you mean the money that you feel was taken from you, "redistributed," and wasted in your opinion. Your first mistake is assuming a Democrat will raise your taxes. What tax bracket are you in again? If you are making less than $200k roughly speaking, you will get a tax cut under a Liberal administration, Federally speaking. State level taxes are confounded by a mess of multiple administrations battling it out. Hold your state officials responsible for state taxes, not Washington. If you vote in a Republican, the wealthy folks get tax cuts and you will not. Your hard earned money is going to people who need it. Period. Your hard earned money does not go to a lower middle class bum living beyond their means. They aren't drawing off of welfare or unemployment. Your money goes towards paying cops, education, and maintaining infrastructure. Heaven forbid we privatize those agencies. People who are on welfare need a leg up. It is not a handout, but a quick shot in the arm.

I would extend this argument to ask if because you are so hard working, does that grant you permission to be lazy? Are you exempt from the same level of criticism? Isn't laziness a growing problem in American culture at every level of socioeconomic status? Yes. Lazy behavior spans across all social levels.

Upward mobility is a concept you should research. It depends heavily on education, race, and gender. The ones that make it out of poverty are rare exceptions, but they are rewarded for their perseverance through adversity. Please understand that we are not generations away from slavery. The African Americans struggling in this world have parents and grandparents who lived during inequality. It will take decades before their offspring acquire the education and financial upward mobility to succeed in a world where racism is all but dead. Understanding the social aspects of upward mobility will open your mind to the reality we face in this nation.

Upward Mobility & Opportunity
The Claim: Everyone has an opportunity
-Had you received an education in the inner city at a school with substandard facilities, teachers, books, and other supplies, the doors of success would have been slammed in your face.
-Had you been born into poverty, at some point, you would have been faced with a decision to drop out of school to help support the family. This is true regardless of race.

-Hand me down educational inequality
Blacks living during the Civil Rights movement did not receive the same quality of education as whites. They could not sit down with their children and help with homework for subjects they themselves were never taught. Financially speaking, their starting point is well below any white child of the same age. Only now do we see young black college graduates in any significant numbers. Only until recently have we started to shift the balance of educational equality. The effects of slavery are far reaching and still have an impact on the lives of Americans today.

-Non-white immigrants did not endure racial inequality in their home country. They came to this country with a little bit of a head start. The dynamic is much different. The argument that Asians and other immigrants were able to succeed after coming to this country has no place in the debate over welfare because they have a different starting point.

Unless you have been personally exposed to the hardships these people face, you really have no idea what good a welfare check can provide. Understanding disparities in education, race, gender, and family support systems will open your eyes to the reality that justifies welfare. Until you attempt to understand that dynamic, consider yourself out of touch.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wow...Craig Ferguson Rocks Politics


The Grumpy Political Edition
Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson just gave one heck of an intro monologue. He peppered humor throughout the bit. He is, after all, late night entertainment and not news. Still, he gave a serious and somewhat scathing take on voting and the campaigns for President. It's sad when someone from another country who recently became a citizen has to smack us around like that. Very powerful stuff Craig. You never fail to keep me interested.

Can someone get me a transcript of that monologue? Video? It's great stuff. Someone please put that one up on YouTube. I'm going to watch for it and try to post a link.

After returning from the commercial break, he went on to talk about voting stats that surprised himself. People who did not vote were asked why. The two common answers were that they either were not following the elections or they were not interested in politics.
"How could you not be interested in politics? You've got to have an opinion about something!"

Then he talked about his voter registration card and wrapped up by saying the following.
"Please do me the honor of being my fellow Americans and vote."


Partial transcript:


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick on a pig

Barack Obama used the Lipstick on a pig analogy yesterday when talking about how the McCain campaign is trying to look like the party of change when they're just more of the same. The McCain response tried to claim Obama's comment was "disgraceful" because they thought Obama was referring to that bitch Sarah Palin. If he were referring to Palin, he would have called her something much worse than a pig. I have and I always will from this point forward.

According to the late night/early morning ABC News, McCain has used the same analogy in response to the Hillary Clinton Health Care Plan. You can bet rednecks ate that pig slop up when McCain said it. They probably forgot he said it. Their attention span is limited, you know. How else can so many watch Nascar where cars go around in circles?

Sorry soldier boy. It's open season on pigs wearing lipstick. Get used to it. By the way, I think Sarah Palin is ugly.

I used the analogy shortly after the Palin speech as did many other bloggers. It was the logical next step in my opinion. Somebody in the McCain campaign should have expected this analogy when Palin cracked the lipstick joke. As I said before, she did come across as a dog, but it wasn't a pit bull wearing lipstick. It was just your run of the mill bitch.

Yes, I'm throwing some vicious punches to groups who flat out deserve a beating.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bouncy Polls...Fixed?

The media has been posting poll numbers lately that either put Obama and McCain neck and neck or give McCain a slight advantage. These numbers of course, come after both conventions. Online articles are suggesting that Obama did not get a post-convention bounce and somehow McCain did.

I don't get it.

Obama gave a speech to, from what I understand, about 38 million viewers right? How can a speech that moved so many people to tears not give the man a bounce in the polls? The speech was moving and inspirational. Specific plans were set and for many, the idea that someone will get this country back on the right path seemed within reach.

McCains VP pick gave a speech to almost as many viewers from what I read, but her speech was riddled with insults, juvenile comments, and flat out lies. Her political stance is that of an extreme right winger even though she tries to portray herself as some sort of rebel. She was also able to show off her Jesus Freak side. None of the aforementioned qualities play well to independent voters. Somehow McCain got a bounce.

The mismatch makes me wonder if the numbers are fixed. I haven't been polled by anyone over the course of the entire campaign season. Who are they polling? Where are the young voters who supported Obama in the primary?

You do realize that the impression of a close race between these two opponents will generate ratings, don't you? I am one person who chooses to raise an eyebrow when something smells fishy. Well folks, this stinks to high heaven. If the powers that be are able to introduce just enough apathy in voters about the campaign, several will be discouraged and won't show up to the voting booth. The impression that the race is close has also left pundits suggesting that mud slinging is Obama's only option to gain a lead. Americans need TV drama in their lives and they are going to eat it up should Obama's gloves really come off. Obama has always said he isn't going to really campaign using the dirty tricks of the past. The media is left scrambling to fabricate anything they possibly can to heat things up and give off a sense of real live strife.

I am not convinced the current polls are correct. I have a feeling Obama really has a good 8 to 10 point lead, if not more. I will be interested in seeing how Rove and Company are planning to steal this one. The current numbers are suspect.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain's Speech - Not Enough To Sway

This is going to be a brief play by play while I watch his speech.

McCain's speech so far is nothing but cliché lines and anecdotes about his service. I'm at the part where he's talking about who he fights for and I'm left asking what he's going to do to help those people. You're going to change Washington, are you? How? Reform government? How? How are you going to change the lives of the people you mentioned?

Lots of what's, but no solutions. Lots of stories about what he's done, but not what he will do. "We're going to change that" is not specific.

Ho Hum...
Did I mention Cindy McCain's speech was both boring and pathetic? The teleprompter was her friend. That sigh/subtle laugh got old really quick too.

How long until I start hearing plans?

Okay. Plans.
Mine vs His became party line fodder, most of which can be debunked by multiple sources. I have a feeling listeners are not hearing what they need to know. Seems anticlimactic. Not a strong economic plan, but I don't think we were expecting him to give one to begin with. When in doubt, say your opponent is going to raise taxes.

Now I suppose these next few small ideas are going to bring about that change you mentioned earlier. School vouchers? More cliché lines?

He said we'll drill off shore, but what about Alaska? Didn't Palin say she was going to help bring drilling to Alaska? Didn't she say they had plenty? So which is it? Are we having a policy difference between the President-elect and the VP-elect? Obama's energy plan will bring the same kinds of jobs and bolster the economy. One keeps us on oil and the other moves us away. The question is, which one are you ready to do?

Now comes the fear. "They'll strike us again if they can." He might have also hinted at attacking Iran by saying he'll stand up to certain evils. Great. That's what our stretched military needs.

Now it sounds like we'll have his closing remarks. He played up his military service and POW experience again because that's all he's running on. Let me remind you guys out there that if you support McCain for his outstanding service that he was the guy that got captured. That's skill? Hmm.

Sharing ideas? According to Palin, Liberals don't have good ideas. According to Romney, Liberals need to be removed from Washington. Who does that leave to extend your arm to Mr. McCain?

More POW stories...we get it dude. You were a prisoner of war and it was hell. That's not a qualification for President and although you don't feel you've been anointed, your supporters seem to feel that it makes you fully qualified to lead the country.

I'm not sure how this speech sways undecided voters unless they have a special place in their heart for POWs. Your closing remarks were uneventful and drab. Wow. PBS just had a commercial interruption in there. Somebody hit the wrong button. I'm sure it woke up viewers that fell asleep.

Boring speech. I'm done. That was 49 minutes? Ugh...Not more country music.
The Conservative spin on the speech will be that of less talk and more action instead of talking less about action he will take.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Speech, The Verdict: Bitchy Liar

I tuned in to the RNC earlier this evening and caught Romney's bit. He was so full of himself I felt the need to vomit. He spewed out party line nonsense and his only solution was to rid government of Liberals and replace it with Conservatives so that we would not rely on government. Don't quit your day job man. Oh wait...

So I switched channels and watched The Daily Show. Had lots of laughs. I'm glad people are out there with some sense.

Now why would I care to tune in to her speech? Like everyone else, I wanted to know who in the world this nobody of a woman was. My only frame of reference is that of a frizzy haired woman granting Craig Ferguson honorary citizenship. I also wanted to see how much party line bs she was going to feed the crowd.

I tuned back in to catch the beginning of Palin's speech, but came in on Giuliani. Nothing but a rebuttal to the DNC. No plans and awful jokes at the Dems expense. Is that all you've got to run on? Horrible speech.

Then Palin finally came up. I could only listen for about ten minutes or so. She came across as a bitch. The comparison to a pit bull might be fitting, but there is no difference between that hockey mom and any breed of dog. The Republicans probably hoped she would come across as strong, but she came across as smug and bitchy. Joe Biden now has a welcome mat set out on the front porch so he can tear Sarah Palin limb from limb. That's not really the bad part about her speech though. She lied on multiple occasions. Most of the lies had to do with Obama's policy plans. He's not going to raise everybody's taxes. actually has info on tax plans from both sides and under Obama, about 80 something percent of Americans are going to have it good. Then Palin said Obama's energy plan was a do nothing strategy. I beg your pardon? He has clearly set out plans involving nuclear power, clean coal, natural gas, in addition to investing in many other alternatives for our future. Her "Bridge To Nowhere" stance is going to be at the center of controversy now because she is flip flopping about it. Obama's legislative record is readily available, so anyone who thinks he's had his thumb up his butt in Congress can pull the their own thumb out of their own ass to look it up. I couldn't take all the lies, so I tuned out and changed over to the 10pm version of The Daily Show and had even more laughs.

Jon Stewart had a lot of good clips showing Karl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, some McCain advisor, and even Sarah Palin contradicting themselves. I was actually going to write a post about how the younger Spears daughter was chastised by Conservatives for getting knocked up in light of the handling of "babygate" and Sarah Palin's daughter. The Daily Show covered that one and I hope they keep playing it. Sexism is out the window now. Sarah Palin's executive experience is out too thanks to Karl Rove's own contradicting statements related to Richmond's mayor. Great show Jon! Hold the bastards to the flame!

If you enjoyed her speech, then you fit in the Conservative base that will likely take her words as gospel. The Bush administration already fooled you twice. Evangelicals bought their manure and got nothing in return. The things they said they would do for you never happened. The Republican Party is doing it to you again. Maybe getting used and abused is your thing. In that case, lube up before you vote. I think we've found two things Christian Conservatives do on their knees.


If the media is Liberal, they sure have me fooled. Late night news is declaring that she "hit it out of the park" and that she "wowed the crowd." No questions asked. No facts checked. Piss poor job. The net is buzzing with her bitchy rapport and juvenile demeanor. Perhaps the lack of criticism shows some smarts. Let me explain. Should the media go after Palin for her snarky remarks and blatant lies, the media will be called sexist. The RNC wants Sarah Palin to be untouchable. She's off limits as far as Conservatives are concerned. Any open media criticism will be met with sympathy and not logical disgust for a vindictive liar and may sway the vote in McCain's favor. That being said, Biden still needs to gut her wide open unless the Dems want to be called pussies one more time.

Many comments stand out in my mind, but one is especially funny given the lipstick comment Palin made. Essentially, they said you can put as much lipstick on a hog as they want, but it won't change the fact that she's a pig in the mud.
If you aren't fed up with this vindictive woman yet and are still salivating for more info on her, check out the following link. After reading, any salivation that remains might be a sign that you need to run to the toilet and vomit.
Palin Makes Me Puke

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You Supported Hillary, Now McCain?

How can you go from a Hillary Clinton supporter to a John McCain supporter overnight? Just because Hillary didn't get the nomination you're going to sacrifice your political stance? Policies are completely different when comparing Hillary Clinton to John McCain. You are doing a complete 180 degree turn. What the hell is wrong with you?

Vote based on policy, not on gender. Don't vote based on resentment or because you lost and now choose to protest. Protest by writing in her name, not by voting for someone who will lead the country in the opposite direction Hillary was planning on taking it. Compared to McCain, Barack Obama has more in common with Clinton. You want universal health care, you won't get it with McCain. Want out of Iraq? Can't get that with McCain. Want independence from foreign oil? Won't get that with POW soldier boy. I have to ask...are you on drugs?

I don't see how someone can go from supporting a Democrat one day and a Republican the next like that when political stances between the two are so very different.

You are indeed an idiot.

I just saw a woman on BBC News America that said she was going to write in Hillary's name, but now with McCain's VP pick, she's going to vote for McCain. The thing is, this crazy fat dolt of a woman couldn't remember Sarah Palin's name.

Hillary, if you are listening, your message to back Barack Obama was not received by your supporters. SAY IT LOUDER so these deaf morons can hear you.

Monday, September 1, 2008

"Pro-Gun" slogan appeals to the simple minded

What the hell is pro-gun anyway?

All gun and no brain? For men, that means all gun and no penis.

If you are pro-gun, here's your sign. Rednecks will get that joke.

Seriously, though...

Does it mean that no matter the circumstance, you are in favor of guns? Does it tell me that your constituents flock to simplistic slogans? Remind you of the term pro-life? God forbid someone is anti-life, right? Another way to look at the pro/anti dialogue is to phrase it in a different light. Take abortion for example. The current lines are drawn between pro-life and pro-choice. The pro-lifers would have you believe that pro-choice folks are anti-life. I never hear pro-lifers called anti-choice in political slogans. The term isn't even part of the main stream pro-choice crowd. "Anti-life," however, is part of the main-stream Right Wing campaign vernacular. When you put it that way, it should start turning those gears inside your head. It doesn't make any sense when you phrase gun politics in that format, but you fell for the simple slogan anyway.

I am seeing this term used more and more in campaign ads. Sarah Palin states she is pro-gun. I understand that in Alaska, everybody and their grandma has a gun to fend off threatening wild animals. I get it. Still, you don't have to go so far as to say you are pro-gun. A local doctor running for Congress says he's pro-gun. A doctor that is using the term pro-gun? Didn't he do a rotation in emergency medicine as a resident or in med school? So you're telling me that no matter what, Dr. Fleming, you are in favor of guns used for any reason? You have likely personally seen the end result of gun violence in your own medical career. Has that not affected your opinion at all?

Politicians love this slogan because it appeals to a very specific population of voters, yet it has nothing to do with the real issue. They love this slogan because it means they don't have to do anything besides sit on their asses. It's a non-committal pledge, if there is even such a thing. It's meaningless, until you begin asking questions. Responsible voters ask questions. Irresponsible voters simply nod and smile. Guess which ones politicians like most.

Pro-gun is a blanket statement and when you use the term, you get rid of any form of nuance. Any opposition automatically acquires the label "anti-gun." Being pro-gun is far different than supporting the right to bear arms. Being pro-gun doesn't tell me where you stand on gun rights while at the same time gives trigger happy idiots solace in their paranoia that scary Liberals are gonna take away their gun/replacement penis. No line is drawn when you are pro-gun. Anyone that uses a gun for any reason is acceptable under a pro-gun mentality. If that isn't the case, then you are not pro-gun and your stance requires some clarification. That clarification comes in the form of regulation and responsibility for your toys.

Let me put it this way. In essence, the individual who believes a gun is going to get them what they want from the guy across the store counter is pro-gun. The young man who feels getting even by shooting whoever gets in his way is pro-gun. The gun gets him what he wants. When Bill Heavey writes his articles for Field & Stream, he cracks rather inappropriate jokes about shooting things, including people. Anyone that trigger happy does not need to own a gun. They are mentally unstable. When Ted Nugent puts a gun to his head, maybe I'll jump on the pro-gun bandwagon. Until then, you'll have to forgive me when I laugh at your pathetic excuse for a slogan and cross my fingers you shoot your own head off one day. Darwinism still works on some level you know.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Conservatives are simple minded. They have to use slogans which appeal to simpletons. You know, local yokels. Either you have a small penis and like to shoot stuff like a big man or you're a pussy, right? There's no in between on this issue then.

If you are a politician using this term, you are intentionally appealing to the simple minded. If you vote for someone who is pro-gun, it's likely that you are a simpleton. Demand more from your elected officials!

Research has shown Conservatives do in fact tend to think more in terms of black and white and have difficulty dealing with change. You cannot break down issues into purely pro and anti categories because there are important subtleties that seriously need to be taken into consideration, unless the slogan itself uses wording which recognizes some nuance, ie. pro-choice.

When Fascism comes to the United States, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a gun.

(Although the above quote has mysterious roots and I've added my own adaptation, the substance of the quote mirrors that of the current state of America)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CNN's DNC Coverage SUCKS

They set the stage for what they want to hear while at the same time choosing not to show speakers who actually say those things. They paint a picture so that the viewer holds the same expectations and then if they don't see what they want, they can criticize everything while the viewer lulled into these expectations watches in agreement. If you want to see commentary and not the DNC, watch CNN's coverage. If you want to see people stuck on the idea that Hillary was not picked as Obama's VP, watch CNN. If you want to watch people to tell you to go to a web site to watch DNC speeches, watch CNN. If you want to know that the Pepsi Center is where the Denver Nuggets play, watch CNN. If you want to watch Republicans spout talking points, watch CNN.

MSNBC is not much better. FOX News? Ha! Did they even show any of it?

If you want to watch the DNC without interruption, watch it on C-SPAN.

If you want to watch the DNC with analysis, watch it on PBS. They show each speaker in their entirety and even tape certain speakers (Deval Patrick) to show you if they should deviate and interview someone else (Michelle Obama). If you want to see the fireworks, watch PBS. Some of the best speakers so far were tonight and PBS showed them. PBS had commentary AFTER each one and did not interrupt them in the middle. I'm sure CNN gets far more financial funding than PBS can even dream of, yet PBS is the one able to deliver the goods.

Steny Hoyer gave a magnificent and in your face performance. Did you miss that one? I was able to enjoy Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano take some good jabs at the Senator from Arizona. There is one Arizona tradition she'd like to see continue. Past representatives from Arizona who have campaigned for office failed. I got to see Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas make another joke aimed at McCain. Dorothy from Kansas once said there's no place like home, but McCain says there's no place like home, home, home, home, home, home, or home. Yep. Seven homes. I was able to listen to Governor Mark Warner give an outstanding keynote. Judy Woodruff from PBS even landed an interview with Michelle Obama tonight. Brian Schweitzer from Montana really gave an awesome performance too. Did you happen to catch Lilly Ledbetter from Alabama? The Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, gave one heck of a direct attack. You missed stories from real Americans and anecdotes about real American struggle and sacrifice. You missed plenty of jabs at Bush and just as many McCain tie-ins to Bush.

If you were watching CNN, you missed the good stuff. Things were said that needed to be out in the open. CNN didn't show it and probably turned around at the end to criticize the lack of such gusto. Pathetic. Who says the media is liberally biased? They have their heads up their asses.

Did you happen to notice Exxon/Mobil was the CNN sponsor?

I think they are killing off a lot of viewers this time. Things have been going downhill for a while now, but they are driving a nail through the coffin. I don't think they care which is troubling.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

If you didn't like the first BJ

If you didn't like the first BJ, you may not like the next BJ.

I am of course, in part referring to the Clinton blowjob fiasco Republicans can't seem to distract themselves from.

The new BJ on the other hand is something completely different, although Republicans may not like it either.


Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Outed: Biden, Half Brother

The news was buzzing all evening about who Barack Obama would pick as his running mate. Certain names were crossed off the list and news crews appeared to be camping on front lawns of the rest waiting for any clues. While they were chomping at the bit to find out who was going to be the VP pick, one broadcast decided to bring up something else in the meantime to keep viewers interested. The timing was however, a tad suspicious.

As the eve of the Democratic National Convention approaches, anything showing Obama in the slightest unfavorable light seems to be fair game. CNN had a piece on Obama's Kenyan half brother. The piece seemed to tryand put Obama in an awkward position. It seems like now Obama is expected to take some sort of financial responsibility for a half brother living in a shanty in Kenya. Who cares if his half brother is proud of being Kenyan and is perfectly fine with living in Kenya, right? We're in America where Sally Struthers is supposed to make our hearts bleed for the classic picture of poor Africans walking through dirt streets and shanty towns. How dare Barack Obama not help the spawn of a father who left him and his mother. Looks like his half brother is happy where he is and communication between the two is really none of our damn business. It sounds as though the two have a good understanding, but CNN wants to play "Let's reunite long lost relatives" for ratings and the soap opera Americans who buy into that sort of crap.

If Obama's half brother in far off Kenya is considered newsworthy, then CNN should not have any problem traveling an even shorter distance to blow the history behind McCain's first marriage out of the water. While we're at it, start stirring the pot simmering McCain's feelings towards Asians and see if it boils over. I'm sure the timing of this news piece on Obama's half brother has everything to do with the swiftboating that will continue to taint our televisions in the months to come. Now it has been made to appear as though Obama doesn't want to help his own family. I'm glad I didn't fall for the fake sob story.

By now, you've also forgotten all about whether or not McCain is going to release his VP pick, right? Aren't you glad I gave you this reminder? Who said the media was being a softy when it came to covering Obama? Let's smack McCain around some, shall we?

Obama *was* going to release the name of his VP pick in the morning, but somehow somebody on the Democratic side couldn't keep their lips sealed. Joe Biden appears to be his running mate. I say great choice. I was supporting Biden for President anyway. He's got a great foreign policy stance regarding the Middle East. The man just understands what has been going on over there for decades. He's also a straight talker and will rip you to shreds the way someone deserves to be told off. Now let's just see how many times the media will cover the "articulate" flap between Obama and Biden a while back to try and prove there might be tension between the two guys even though the differences were reconciled shortly after the flap.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paris Hilton Responds To McCain

Well, at least we got Paris to respond to the ad by McCain that uses the images of both Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to portray Barack Obama as a pop culture superstar that isn't ready to lead.

I don't usually watch anything that has Paris Hilton in it to begin with, but this one is hilarious. When I stopped by, it already had more than 3 million views and over 6000 diggs.

McCain is called "the oldest celebrity in the world" characterized by such visual aids as The Golden Girls, the Tales from the Crypt Crypt Keeper, Larry King, the KFC Colonel Sanders, and Yoda.

The folks at Funny or Die were right. McCain bit off more than he could chew when he decided to enter the realm of pop culture. It falls in line with my belief that Republicans get their asses handed to them when we take things into the private sector and out of the regulated world of political campaigns. Sorry, I couldn't resist using the words "bit off more than he could chew," a common phrase used by rednecks when you piss them off, but they can't do anything about it aside from fall back to their sewing circle.

"I'll see you at the debates bitches."

Knoxville Church Shooting: A Wake Up Call

Knoxville Shooting

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but it strikes a very personal nerve with me. Just punch in "Knoxville Church Shooting" into Google and you can read all about it including several heated discussions on the subject. Many are condemnations of such behavior, but a few are examples of mindsets which lead people down the same disturbed path. This should serve as a wake up call to conservatives in this country planting the seeds of hate.

Mr. Jim Adkisson holds the belief (by his own personal statements to authorities) that all liberals should be killed. He left a four page manifesto if you will in his vehicle and from most online articles, I discovered the letter was a full fledged written expression of hatred for the liberal movement as well as homosexuals. Somehow his disgust with the liberal movement was also linked to his inability to acquire a job.

Why some in Knoxville and around this country are surprised this happend baffles me. I am all too familiar with the gun toting redneck movement in this country. They hide behind the right to bear arms and say horrible things behind closed doors about liberals, gays, and African Americans. Get these people in good company and they'll spill their evil guts. Put them in the public eye and they suddenly become good Christians. For the record, I have spent some time among the more rural community just outside of Knoxville and I must tell you this region and its residents have a very backwards theme.

In his home, several right-wing forms of literature were found including works (unconfirmed) by Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, and Sean Hannity among others. While I'm sure these guys will come out and say they don't condone such violence, behind closed doors, I'm sure something completely different is said.

Every liberal in this country should be very concerned about something like this happening to them. Mr. Adkisson is not an isolated incident. There is a growing very violent anti-liberal sentiment among the backwoods boys of this nation. Thing is, they aren't as backwoods as you'd want. They are your neighbors, barbers, and even soldiers sworn to defend this country. Take note that according to, Adkisson had served in the Army's 101st Airborne. I live in a part of the US where I am really scared for my life on a regular enough basis that tells me this country is in real trouble. I shouldn't live with this kind of fear because of my political beliefs.

For the conservatives who are so opposed to welfare, humor me on this one. This guy was unemployed and on food stamps according to a CNN article. Not exactly the kind of moocher you like to portray is he? For someone so strongly conservative, I find it conflicting that he would use food stamps. It only reminds me to point out that people on welfare and food stamps are not lazy bums on the couch watching cable television wasting taxpayer dollars. This guy had an associates degree in mechanical engineering and had also worked as a truck driver.

Some are trying to argue that had everyone in church been packing heat, this wouldn't have happened. Three things to point out in response. Church is the last place any of us would want or need a gun. Second, this guy was able to enter the church and begin firing before anyone even noticed he had a gun. Third, he was subdued without the use of a firearm. We shouldn't be using this example as a reason for right-to-carry. We shouldn't have to live in a society where we even think we need a gun at any given moment to defend ourselves. That's not to say I'm completely against guns. I have to have a 22 rifle handy with some bird shot to kill unsavory poisonous snakes out here in the country. I understand the need for a firearm in that context. There is however, a healthy balance between a nut like Ted Nugent and taking away guns completely. Common ground anyone? Unlikely. The ones with the guns would rather shoot the opposition first it seems.

I would pray for those involved, but I am not an advocate of prayer.

Friday, August 1, 2008

McCain's New Obama Commercial

This damn commercial displays classic Republican behavior in this country. It's why I hate rednecks and it's why we ended up with Bush for eight years. I am definitely not going to hold back and I'm going to throw some hard punches on this one. I know how Republicans are going to play this out online, so there's no need to tippy toe around it.

You can look at the commercial in one of two ways or both of the following ways in context of each other.

The first is straight out of the Karl Rove playbook. Remember when Cheney said that if Kerry would be elected we would be attacked again? Evoke a sense of fear or uneasiness/doubt in the public and then apologize for it once the damage has been done. Make Obama out to be a 15 minutes of fame sensation and downplay his importance. See if somehow the McCain campaign doesn't come out and say something to put out the flames. I guarantee it'll resemble someone putting out a fire with their own urine. For some reason, I have images of McCain straining to get out even a dribble of urine with an old man's enlarged prostate.

The second way to look at the commercial is to realize it's just another way to mobilize their base. Every redneck asshole Republican on every political forum to the right of center is going to be full of idiots making jokes amongst each other to make their hurt feelings go away. It's a commercial that makes their base feel good about themselves. Play a little dirty and make yourself feel better even if it was uncalled for. The types of Republicans I just mentioned will be on forums using nicknames like Barack Obama Spears. They'll call Obama supporters Britney or Paris in a condescending tone to offset actually responding to a question asked by an Obama supporter on a message board. Shaved head jokes and paparazzi outburst gags will run rampant. I wouldn't be surprised of some Republican dolt used a green filter over Obama footage to make it look like a Paris Hilton sex tape. The possibilities are endless and redneck Republicans will just think they're being humorous. Kind of like laughing at fart jokes, you know? They feed off of these sorts of nicknames. Just look at how they talked about Kerry, Hillary, and Bill. You had Lurch, Hellary, and Slick Willie among others. The redneck Republican crowd eats this crap up like they do grits.

On top of all this, you'll have an outcry by Liberals saying exactly the same thing the Obama campaign came out with. It's politics as usual and they are right on the mark. It's dirty politics. The Republican party is willing to say or do anything as long as they can be assholes about it. I'll say it again. Redneck Republicans can relate to that sort of mentality and at the same time take pleasure in it. The RNC will go as far as using the likenesses of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton without permission. I hope some sort of legal response is taken on behalf of both of them. Let's completely disregard the legal way to set up commercial footage and run with it, right? Should be an open and shut lawsuit and quite possibly defamation.

(As I'm typing this, that damn commercial about Family Dinners with Bush is on again. Who believes that shit? The man became an alcoholic.)

If you're a Conservative and not a redneck, I'm not sure how all of this looks to you. I suspect you're taking a Bill O'Reilly or Rush Fatass Pain Killer Limbaugh stance on this. If not, I'm sure those two will be telling you what to think about it in the near future. If you are in fact an undecided white voter, do not condone campaign moves like this. Are you taking a ride on the Low Road Express? We're Americans and we are better than that. Are you that eager to be a snake in the grass? I don't think you would want to set that kind of an example for your kids.

I'll leave you with these celebrity comparisons for John McCain.

Wilford Brimley, an angry old cuss pissed off about his "diabetis"

From the movie "The Rock"
FBI Agent played by Philip Baker Hall
He is my age now, for Christ's sake. I have to get up three times a night to take a piss!

Grumpy Old Men (Walter Matthau & Jack Lemmon)

Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller)
Maybe McCain will make Festivus a government holiday

Talk about qualified to lead...David Letterman, keep telling those TV dinner jokes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bush Still Can't Give A Speech

Bush has been President for almost eight years and he was a governor before that. After eight years, this guy still can't give a speech. He still makes many of the same mistakes and fumbles words like Clifford Franklin (See The Replacements) fumbles a football. If you saw his speech on Tuesday about the economy, perhaps you noticed how he kept looking down to read something that lasted only a few minutes. He rushed through the parts about how he thinks things are still good and that people are still spending money as if he thought nobody would notice.

I think all those years of boozing has taken its toll. This is what alcoholism can do to your brain folks. His memory is mush. Even a nervous college jock with sweaty palms and a speech impediment could perform better as a public speaker. Now I think I understand why people voted for Bush because they saw him as someone they'd like to have a beer with. It's because they were alcoholics with slurred speech too. They could relate.

At least whoever wins the next election can stand up in front of an audience and talk off the cuff as though they know what they are saying. Course, McCain has already made a couple of stupid blunders. Obama speaks calmly and slow, but rephrases far too often to be deemed an eloquent public speaker.

Iraq Welfare

Whether you look at welfare as government financial assistance for basic material needs or an effort to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need, I think it's fairly obvious that we have created a welfare state in Iraq.

For most conservatives, welfare is a bad thing. They typically argue that people on welfare abuse the system and are just mooching off of taxpayers. Besides the fact that their take on welfare is based on a fallacy that people on welfare are lazy when in fact they are usually hard working or stuck between a rock and a hard place with no opportunity for upward mobility, one must raise an eyebrow when these same conservatives come out in favor of providing similar assistance for Iraq. You'll often hear soldiers and chicken hawks alike almost resort to tears and cry that the Iraqi people need our help. While it is true that Iraq needs to stand up on its own two feet with a little push from America, the military isn't going to be what gives them that push. As long as our military is over there, the Iraqi government can play the helpless victim and sit motionless. I would argue the Iraqi goverment is mooching off of American money and military aid when they are fully capable of taking back their country. I could also make the point that the people we went in to help are either dead or left the country in droves numbering millions. So who exactly are we helping? It's perhaps nothing more than a ruse.

McCain said he knows how to win wars. Did you hear him say that? Well, he sure didn't know how to fight because his ass was captured. See if anyone on the news throws that one at you.

This war is going to keep putting a strain on our economy and wasting our tax dollars. At some point, the government is not going to be able to put up the money to help any of our problems at home. Maybe that's the way the republicans like it, but we've let things go too far to the right. Everything this administration has botched up has to be corrected. Unfortunately, something like inflation will have to correct itself.

Ever since Bush was "elected" on day one, I've said this country would be in for very bad times. I was already right about going to war and now it seems my prediction that we'll have about 20 years of hard times thanks to shit-for-brains is becoming a reality. That's what you get when you elect an idiot.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Off Shore Drilling and Consumerism

Look, the bottom line is that any off shore drilling isn't going to make any bit of difference in the current gas price debacle. It won't even impact the prices in the near future. There is one argument worth hearing with regard to off shore drilling. If the time comes where we should need it, starting now would ensure that there is an infrastructure in place ready to go at it. A lot is required to set up before any drilling actually begins.

I'm not big on oil tycoons. Personally I think they're a bunch of crooked SOB's just like any other major company has. I heard T. Boone Pickens on BBC America the other day and he actually sounded more on the level than the piece of crap CEO that showed up on Larry King Live to answer questions. Pickens is on the track towards alternative fuels. It's about time the rest of the oil industry jumped aboard. Like he said, we've been drifting far too long on oil alone.

Now let's play some hypotheticals for a brief moment. I heard someone the other day ask why the democrats are against off shore drilling. It goes without saying that the person in question is a staunch conservative, but I'll mention it anyway so it's perfectly clear that we are talking about someone who thinks in terms of black and white (simplistic as I've stated before in my blog). Let's say we could start drilling tomorrow. Lots of oil, right? How would that drive prices down? Demand would stay the same or go up. We as consumers would hear that there's oil out there and we'd toss out the thoughts on conservation in a heartbeat. We'd drive and then we'd drive some more. Guzzle guzzgle guzzle. Prices would definitely not fall. The current democrats understand that. Bush Sr. understood that and he's a republican. It's not a partisan issue, but I see many love to make it one. It is just another way to play politics and avoid any serious discussion.

Pickens agrees that the way this market works is that demand goes up, prices soon follow, leading to penny pinching and decreased demand, and in turn a drop in prices. Once the price drops, the consumer is going to start buying again which will drive demand up one more time. It's a cycle we need to get out of.

We've learned that biofuel botched things up. The stuff drove the price of corn up. I'm sure big time farmers don't mind that, but it still doesn't help the situation. We've made the produce market suffer as a result. Add that to already high fuel costs and the produce industry will be in a world of hurt with the rest of us.

We're going to have to start making sacrifices my fellow Americans. If you're living outside of your means, don't just cut back just a little. Cut back a lot. You're going to get hammered in the months and years to come if you don't start sacrificing some of your toys. NASCAR would be a great group to lead and set an example. Imagine giving up or completely redesigning your trade as a NASCAR driver to stand up for alternative energy and fuel conservation. They won't do that of course. Fuel costs are going to get them anyway. Better be realistic sooner than later. Ignoring it won't make life any better. Still, they'd be a great group to stand up and get the right wing rednecks thinking about responsible energy plans in this country.

Right now, I think most Americans would rather bitch about it than do anything that might change the way they consume everything within an arms reach. It's a real shame, isn't it? I know people are going to scoff at the idea, but we should have listened to Carter when we had the chance. Eventually, you're going to have to come around to the idea that we cannot drill our way out of this.

Some people like to say Bush has been telling us we need to break our dependency on foreign oil over the last five or six years. No. He hasn't. He's said it publicly over the last year and a half or so and that's only because of his drop in approval ratings. He has no intention of breaking our dependency on foreign oil. He'll say anything to make himself look good in the eyes of his base, but he won't put his money where his mouth is when the rest of America (roughly 70%) needs him to. The dems don't have a true majority in Congress, so you can't bring up checks & balances. The so called majority is so narrow you'd be lucky to get a piece of paper to slide between them. Let's face it. Bush is an oil man. His family is tied to the Saudis and let's not forget Texas. The reality is he's saying one thing and doing another. That's been how he ran both of his campaigns. It's how his administration has behaved. It's how the current conservative movement behaves. The dems may be doing things half assed and cowardly, but at least they aren't two faced. Don't you ever put W in a good light with regard to dependency on foreign oil. It's a sure sign that you've been suckered by a two faced liar. Yeah I know you don't like to admit you've been suckered, but you might as well man up and take your licks for your naive thoughts. His drill off shore and drill Alaska plans are just fluff statements for the public to hear so he doesn't have to come up with any original plan. He can sit back and let us argue over whether or not we should. Hold his ass accountable and quit kissing it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Louisiana Death Penalty Commotion

So the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning ruled that child rapists cannot be sentenced to death for their crimes. I'll use this post to illustrate a few points. Redneck Conservatives are generally resistant to change, dimwitted, slow thinking, and simplistic in nature. Don't like what I just said? Tough. Grow some balls and take the criticism like a man if you're so tough. Now read what I have to say and join us in civilized society or perish.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal claims it is an affront to the people of Louisiana among other things. Oh. Poor baby. Sounds more like a bruised ego than a rational acceptance of law. It was a Supreme Court ruling. It's been deemed unconstitutional. Are you telling me Louisiana citizens are willing to push for something unconstitutional just to heal a bruised ego? As Governor, you're calling a Supreme Court ruling an affront to the people of Louisiana. I think you have the order of power reversed Piyush. Jindal you dipshit. Pandering to the masses methinks. You're an empty shell of a man and nothing more than a talking head.

Let's not even get into the reality that the death penalty by itself does not deter crime. The death penalty for simple southern folk, and Texans I might add, appears to be more about getting revenge than actually punishing someone for a crime. It's a simpleton's law. That's right. I said simpleton. Do something wrong. Kill them. It might be okay for Neanderthals, but we live in a civilized society now. Their beef with this ruling is all ego and no brain. Justice Anthony Kennedy said it all. Expanding the death penalty to other crimes is far too risky. Wrap your head around that one for a while. This is why people like rednecks really advocate the death penalty. They are angry, hurt, and may or may not be grieving. They don't know how to handle those emotions like an adult. Now they want revenge in a simplistic eye for an eye sort of manner. They'd much rather act like this is high school and they have to defend their pride with violence out by the bicycle rack. Like many before me have told people of this nature...

You do realize what they do to child rapists in prison, don't you?

I am convinced the redneck/Texan style Conservatives in this country want it to be like the old west. Let's tie in another story in the news about the Virginians and gun rights because the mentality is related. They open carry their firearms proudly. Did you notice all of them were white? Let's see how they feel about young black males being able to open carry and watch how their ignorance and stereotypes suddenly spring to life. You know they'd somehow use that to justify their own right to carry a gun and twist it in their favor without actually answering the question. That's just how they think. It's also how fascism starts to seed into a society.

They can't reason with anyone and see things like guns and killing as suitable replacements for civil discourse and humane punishment. They don't have the capacity for thinking at that level. I will continue to call these people stupid. I don't want stupid people making decisions about who lives and who dies. We want the smart people to make those decisions. For the religious reader, shouldn't we be leaving it up to God to pass judgment? In that respect, it is not our place to decide who lives or dies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Liner @ Jeremy Hubbard

ABC World News Now ran a story about a girl who won a car thanks to perfect attendance. The story isn't the focus of my post. The news anchor is.

Jeremy Hubbard, one of the news anchors, asked how someone can't miss a single day. He said you've got to at least take one day off because you've got to stay home and watch some cartoons some time. That's what he said he did.

While I tend to think that Jeremy Hubbard and Vinita Nair are a great team, that comment might explain why he is on the late night shift and not in prime time.

I only have one last question to ask. Why in the world did you type "jeremy hubbard" into a Google search?

I will applaud his efforts to actually comment on news items and not just report them. It's refreshing to see news anchors who actually think. Vinita Nair deserves just as much credit in this department. Too bad it's late night news. Of course, all my visitors seem to care about is whether or not this guy is gay. Is that what you call newsworthy information?

Now that Don Imus said it...

While Don Imus may be telling the truth when explaining what he meant this time around with regard to remarks about a black man being arrested, to act as though the reaction coming down on him is completely absurd hints at just how much of an ass he can be.

If you caught the video footage of his reaction to all of this, you got to see a rather flabbergasted Imus with his hands by his head struggling to get the words out to express his understanding of the events.

It's relatively easy to see how his comments, without following up with any sort of qualifying remark, might be interpreted the way they were. It's not the least bit absurd. Unfortunately, many lack the ability to see how words no matter how carefully arranged can mean different things to different people.

I'm not saying we all must explain ourselves after every comment we make, but it is rather natural to do so in conversation. At least it is for those of us who interact with other people on a regular basis by way of verbal communication. In addition, someone who has come under fire for making racially sensitive remarks in the past should have keyed in on the need to qualify his comment within a matter of moments. You should expect that your words will be examined under the microscope no matter what.