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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wow...Craig Ferguson Rocks Politics


The Grumpy Political Edition
Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson just gave one heck of an intro monologue. He peppered humor throughout the bit. He is, after all, late night entertainment and not news. Still, he gave a serious and somewhat scathing take on voting and the campaigns for President. It's sad when someone from another country who recently became a citizen has to smack us around like that. Very powerful stuff Craig. You never fail to keep me interested.

Can someone get me a transcript of that monologue? Video? It's great stuff. Someone please put that one up on YouTube. I'm going to watch for it and try to post a link.

After returning from the commercial break, he went on to talk about voting stats that surprised himself. People who did not vote were asked why. The two common answers were that they either were not following the elections or they were not interested in politics.
"How could you not be interested in politics? You've got to have an opinion about something!"

Then he talked about his voter registration card and wrapped up by saying the following.
"Please do me the honor of being my fellow Americans and vote."


Partial transcript:


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