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Monday, September 1, 2008

"Pro-Gun" slogan appeals to the simple minded

What the hell is pro-gun anyway?

All gun and no brain? For men, that means all gun and no penis.

If you are pro-gun, here's your sign. Rednecks will get that joke.

Seriously, though...

Does it mean that no matter the circumstance, you are in favor of guns? Does it tell me that your constituents flock to simplistic slogans? Remind you of the term pro-life? God forbid someone is anti-life, right? Another way to look at the pro/anti dialogue is to phrase it in a different light. Take abortion for example. The current lines are drawn between pro-life and pro-choice. The pro-lifers would have you believe that pro-choice folks are anti-life. I never hear pro-lifers called anti-choice in political slogans. The term isn't even part of the main stream pro-choice crowd. "Anti-life," however, is part of the main-stream Right Wing campaign vernacular. When you put it that way, it should start turning those gears inside your head. It doesn't make any sense when you phrase gun politics in that format, but you fell for the simple slogan anyway.

I am seeing this term used more and more in campaign ads. Sarah Palin states she is pro-gun. I understand that in Alaska, everybody and their grandma has a gun to fend off threatening wild animals. I get it. Still, you don't have to go so far as to say you are pro-gun. A local doctor running for Congress says he's pro-gun. A doctor that is using the term pro-gun? Didn't he do a rotation in emergency medicine as a resident or in med school? So you're telling me that no matter what, Dr. Fleming, you are in favor of guns used for any reason? You have likely personally seen the end result of gun violence in your own medical career. Has that not affected your opinion at all?

Politicians love this slogan because it appeals to a very specific population of voters, yet it has nothing to do with the real issue. They love this slogan because it means they don't have to do anything besides sit on their asses. It's a non-committal pledge, if there is even such a thing. It's meaningless, until you begin asking questions. Responsible voters ask questions. Irresponsible voters simply nod and smile. Guess which ones politicians like most.

Pro-gun is a blanket statement and when you use the term, you get rid of any form of nuance. Any opposition automatically acquires the label "anti-gun." Being pro-gun is far different than supporting the right to bear arms. Being pro-gun doesn't tell me where you stand on gun rights while at the same time gives trigger happy idiots solace in their paranoia that scary Liberals are gonna take away their gun/replacement penis. No line is drawn when you are pro-gun. Anyone that uses a gun for any reason is acceptable under a pro-gun mentality. If that isn't the case, then you are not pro-gun and your stance requires some clarification. That clarification comes in the form of regulation and responsibility for your toys.

Let me put it this way. In essence, the individual who believes a gun is going to get them what they want from the guy across the store counter is pro-gun. The young man who feels getting even by shooting whoever gets in his way is pro-gun. The gun gets him what he wants. When Bill Heavey writes his articles for Field & Stream, he cracks rather inappropriate jokes about shooting things, including people. Anyone that trigger happy does not need to own a gun. They are mentally unstable. When Ted Nugent puts a gun to his head, maybe I'll jump on the pro-gun bandwagon. Until then, you'll have to forgive me when I laugh at your pathetic excuse for a slogan and cross my fingers you shoot your own head off one day. Darwinism still works on some level you know.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Conservatives are simple minded. They have to use slogans which appeal to simpletons. You know, local yokels. Either you have a small penis and like to shoot stuff like a big man or you're a pussy, right? There's no in between on this issue then.

If you are a politician using this term, you are intentionally appealing to the simple minded. If you vote for someone who is pro-gun, it's likely that you are a simpleton. Demand more from your elected officials!

Research has shown Conservatives do in fact tend to think more in terms of black and white and have difficulty dealing with change. You cannot break down issues into purely pro and anti categories because there are important subtleties that seriously need to be taken into consideration, unless the slogan itself uses wording which recognizes some nuance, ie. pro-choice.

When Fascism comes to the United States, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a gun.

(Although the above quote has mysterious roots and I've added my own adaptation, the substance of the quote mirrors that of the current state of America)


  1. You're a dumb ass. Wait until the day someone enters your home and tries to injure or kill you or a family member. Or until your Government decides to burn your books and send you to a concentration camp because you don't fit into their model of society and see if maybe, just maybe a gun might have come in handy to defend yourself.

    Don't like that? Then think about this. Banning guns won't stop humans killing humans. They'll use swords, knives, bow & arrows, baseball bats, sticks, rocks or just hold you under water until you drown.

    I personally like to shoot guns for sport at paper targets. Is that wrong? It hurts no one, I legally purchase and store my guns and I protect them from unsolicited use by locking them up when not in use.

    Get a clue. People who are anti-gun are not as well educated as they think. Read here:

  2. The post is about the simplicity of the slogan and not about gun control laws. Your reading comprehension level must be pretty low fella.

    Thank you dumb ass from Oklahoma City for illustrating my point. At no point in time did I say in my post I was anti-gun nor did I make any reference as to whether or not I own a gun. You immediately assumed that because I criticized your simpleton slogan that I was anti-gun, thereby showing the world you are exactly the kind of simpleton I am referring to who chooses to break things down into pro and anti stances without any form of nuance or complexity.

    I do in fact own firearms and should anyone set foot in my home, they will be met with either a shotgun or a 30-06 up their nose.

    Wear your sign proud redneck. It seems you are the one that is uninformed. Stay in Oklahoma with your kinfolk.

    And by the way, humans do not even need guns to defend themselves. When the shooting occurred in that Knoxville church, people took the guy down with their own hands.


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