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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You Supported Hillary, Now McCain?

How can you go from a Hillary Clinton supporter to a John McCain supporter overnight? Just because Hillary didn't get the nomination you're going to sacrifice your political stance? Policies are completely different when comparing Hillary Clinton to John McCain. You are doing a complete 180 degree turn. What the hell is wrong with you?

Vote based on policy, not on gender. Don't vote based on resentment or because you lost and now choose to protest. Protest by writing in her name, not by voting for someone who will lead the country in the opposite direction Hillary was planning on taking it. Compared to McCain, Barack Obama has more in common with Clinton. You want universal health care, you won't get it with McCain. Want out of Iraq? Can't get that with McCain. Want independence from foreign oil? Won't get that with POW soldier boy. I have to ask...are you on drugs?

I don't see how someone can go from supporting a Democrat one day and a Republican the next like that when political stances between the two are so very different.

You are indeed an idiot.

I just saw a woman on BBC News America that said she was going to write in Hillary's name, but now with McCain's VP pick, she's going to vote for McCain. The thing is, this crazy fat dolt of a woman couldn't remember Sarah Palin's name.

Hillary, if you are listening, your message to back Barack Obama was not received by your supporters. SAY IT LOUDER so these deaf morons can hear you.

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