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Monday, September 29, 2008

Barack Obama Has A Plan...

The number one complaint I have about Conservatives is that they try to convince everyone that the Democratic candidates don't have a plan. They ran the spin with Kerry. They did the same thing with Gore. Now they are doing the same thing with Obama. Visit any political forum where Conservatives frequent. I don't listen to Rush, but I guarantee that's the shit he's spewing too. Name your Conservative pundit and I bet dollars to donuts it's right up there with party line "Liberals raise your taxes" and "Liberals want to take away your guns."

Democrats will tell any idiot who has the audacity to claim Obama doesn't have a clear plan that they have NOT been paying attention. That's right. Conservatives who claim Obama is all talk have not listened to him talk one bit. Where have they been the last few months? Oh I know. Listening to McCain and Company.

If you have been listening, the specifics of his plan are there. Granted those specifics are going to have to change after this economic bail out package failed to get through Congress. Events on the ground in Iraq and Stan Land will obviously change, so the fluid situation that is war will alter the plans of either candidate. You cannot argue with that. New information requires a change in planning. Duh.

But let's say things don't change all that much...

Let me tell you where to start. Visit the official Barack Obama web site. Read through it. The specifics are there. Go to and do some reading. You'll find your answers. Visit YouTube. You can listen to Obama tell you to your face. If you're still not happy, watch the freakin' debates! Record them if you have to. Take notes on what Obama says. Democrats understand the plan. Many Independents understand the plan. Why don't you?

Wait. I'll explain why you don't.

I know exactly what your problem is. You disagree with his plan. His plan is not a Conservative plan. In order for you to think of it as a plan, you have to agree with the principles behind the plan. I'm no cowboy, but I'd gladly wear a pair of boots just so I can put one right up your ass for being so obstinate.

Done and done.

Wait, there's one last thing. You'd like to throw this in my face and claim that I did not spoon feed you the plan. That, my dear children, is called being lazy. I thought handouts were frowned upon by you chucklehead Neocons. I could spend hours writing up the specifics Obama has proposed only to watch you wander off into space in disagreement. Like I said, if you disagree with Liberal (or even moderate) politics, you won't consider his ideas a plan.

Let me just say it one last time. You have not been listening. That is your problem. Open your eyes and ears, but more importantly, open your minds before you taste the toe of my new boots in the back of your throat.

These are the issues I view as important to all of us right now
Iraq & The (so called) War On Terror
Foreign Policy & National Security
The Economy
The Environment
Energy & Oil Dependency
Health Care Coverage
Tax Cuts for the rest of us

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