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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Speech, The Verdict: Bitchy Liar

I tuned in to the RNC earlier this evening and caught Romney's bit. He was so full of himself I felt the need to vomit. He spewed out party line nonsense and his only solution was to rid government of Liberals and replace it with Conservatives so that we would not rely on government. Don't quit your day job man. Oh wait...

So I switched channels and watched The Daily Show. Had lots of laughs. I'm glad people are out there with some sense.

Now why would I care to tune in to her speech? Like everyone else, I wanted to know who in the world this nobody of a woman was. My only frame of reference is that of a frizzy haired woman granting Craig Ferguson honorary citizenship. I also wanted to see how much party line bs she was going to feed the crowd.

I tuned back in to catch the beginning of Palin's speech, but came in on Giuliani. Nothing but a rebuttal to the DNC. No plans and awful jokes at the Dems expense. Is that all you've got to run on? Horrible speech.

Then Palin finally came up. I could only listen for about ten minutes or so. She came across as a bitch. The comparison to a pit bull might be fitting, but there is no difference between that hockey mom and any breed of dog. The Republicans probably hoped she would come across as strong, but she came across as smug and bitchy. Joe Biden now has a welcome mat set out on the front porch so he can tear Sarah Palin limb from limb. That's not really the bad part about her speech though. She lied on multiple occasions. Most of the lies had to do with Obama's policy plans. He's not going to raise everybody's taxes. actually has info on tax plans from both sides and under Obama, about 80 something percent of Americans are going to have it good. Then Palin said Obama's energy plan was a do nothing strategy. I beg your pardon? He has clearly set out plans involving nuclear power, clean coal, natural gas, in addition to investing in many other alternatives for our future. Her "Bridge To Nowhere" stance is going to be at the center of controversy now because she is flip flopping about it. Obama's legislative record is readily available, so anyone who thinks he's had his thumb up his butt in Congress can pull the their own thumb out of their own ass to look it up. I couldn't take all the lies, so I tuned out and changed over to the 10pm version of The Daily Show and had even more laughs.

Jon Stewart had a lot of good clips showing Karl Rove, Bill O'Reilly, some McCain advisor, and even Sarah Palin contradicting themselves. I was actually going to write a post about how the younger Spears daughter was chastised by Conservatives for getting knocked up in light of the handling of "babygate" and Sarah Palin's daughter. The Daily Show covered that one and I hope they keep playing it. Sexism is out the window now. Sarah Palin's executive experience is out too thanks to Karl Rove's own contradicting statements related to Richmond's mayor. Great show Jon! Hold the bastards to the flame!

If you enjoyed her speech, then you fit in the Conservative base that will likely take her words as gospel. The Bush administration already fooled you twice. Evangelicals bought their manure and got nothing in return. The things they said they would do for you never happened. The Republican Party is doing it to you again. Maybe getting used and abused is your thing. In that case, lube up before you vote. I think we've found two things Christian Conservatives do on their knees.


If the media is Liberal, they sure have me fooled. Late night news is declaring that she "hit it out of the park" and that she "wowed the crowd." No questions asked. No facts checked. Piss poor job. The net is buzzing with her bitchy rapport and juvenile demeanor. Perhaps the lack of criticism shows some smarts. Let me explain. Should the media go after Palin for her snarky remarks and blatant lies, the media will be called sexist. The RNC wants Sarah Palin to be untouchable. She's off limits as far as Conservatives are concerned. Any open media criticism will be met with sympathy and not logical disgust for a vindictive liar and may sway the vote in McCain's favor. That being said, Biden still needs to gut her wide open unless the Dems want to be called pussies one more time.

Many comments stand out in my mind, but one is especially funny given the lipstick comment Palin made. Essentially, they said you can put as much lipstick on a hog as they want, but it won't change the fact that she's a pig in the mud.
If you aren't fed up with this vindictive woman yet and are still salivating for more info on her, check out the following link. After reading, any salivation that remains might be a sign that you need to run to the toilet and vomit.
Palin Makes Me Puke

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  1. Definitely better off with the Daily Show...Jon really outdid himself shredding Republican hypocrisy (it's just amazing the people complaining about sexism these days--O'Reilly???!!!) a masterful job of shredding the right wing pundits attacking people for making the kinds of sexist/judgemental toward personal lives attacks they usually do.

    As a bumper sticker I once saw said: "the media is as liberal as the corporations that own it." I expected no less than the "hit it out of the park" bullshit considering that I learned about Obama's VP choice from an AP headline that said something like "Biden shows Obama's weaknesses" and about McCain's choice from one that said something about how she's a maverick just like him....


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