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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bouncy Polls...Fixed?

The media has been posting poll numbers lately that either put Obama and McCain neck and neck or give McCain a slight advantage. These numbers of course, come after both conventions. Online articles are suggesting that Obama did not get a post-convention bounce and somehow McCain did.

I don't get it.

Obama gave a speech to, from what I understand, about 38 million viewers right? How can a speech that moved so many people to tears not give the man a bounce in the polls? The speech was moving and inspirational. Specific plans were set and for many, the idea that someone will get this country back on the right path seemed within reach.

McCains VP pick gave a speech to almost as many viewers from what I read, but her speech was riddled with insults, juvenile comments, and flat out lies. Her political stance is that of an extreme right winger even though she tries to portray herself as some sort of rebel. She was also able to show off her Jesus Freak side. None of the aforementioned qualities play well to independent voters. Somehow McCain got a bounce.

The mismatch makes me wonder if the numbers are fixed. I haven't been polled by anyone over the course of the entire campaign season. Who are they polling? Where are the young voters who supported Obama in the primary?

You do realize that the impression of a close race between these two opponents will generate ratings, don't you? I am one person who chooses to raise an eyebrow when something smells fishy. Well folks, this stinks to high heaven. If the powers that be are able to introduce just enough apathy in voters about the campaign, several will be discouraged and won't show up to the voting booth. The impression that the race is close has also left pundits suggesting that mud slinging is Obama's only option to gain a lead. Americans need TV drama in their lives and they are going to eat it up should Obama's gloves really come off. Obama has always said he isn't going to really campaign using the dirty tricks of the past. The media is left scrambling to fabricate anything they possibly can to heat things up and give off a sense of real live strife.

I am not convinced the current polls are correct. I have a feeling Obama really has a good 8 to 10 point lead, if not more. I will be interested in seeing how Rove and Company are planning to steal this one. The current numbers are suspect.

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