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Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain's Speech - Not Enough To Sway

This is going to be a brief play by play while I watch his speech.

McCain's speech so far is nothing but cliché lines and anecdotes about his service. I'm at the part where he's talking about who he fights for and I'm left asking what he's going to do to help those people. You're going to change Washington, are you? How? Reform government? How? How are you going to change the lives of the people you mentioned?

Lots of what's, but no solutions. Lots of stories about what he's done, but not what he will do. "We're going to change that" is not specific.

Ho Hum...
Did I mention Cindy McCain's speech was both boring and pathetic? The teleprompter was her friend. That sigh/subtle laugh got old really quick too.

How long until I start hearing plans?

Okay. Plans.
Mine vs His became party line fodder, most of which can be debunked by multiple sources. I have a feeling listeners are not hearing what they need to know. Seems anticlimactic. Not a strong economic plan, but I don't think we were expecting him to give one to begin with. When in doubt, say your opponent is going to raise taxes.

Now I suppose these next few small ideas are going to bring about that change you mentioned earlier. School vouchers? More cliché lines?

He said we'll drill off shore, but what about Alaska? Didn't Palin say she was going to help bring drilling to Alaska? Didn't she say they had plenty? So which is it? Are we having a policy difference between the President-elect and the VP-elect? Obama's energy plan will bring the same kinds of jobs and bolster the economy. One keeps us on oil and the other moves us away. The question is, which one are you ready to do?

Now comes the fear. "They'll strike us again if they can." He might have also hinted at attacking Iran by saying he'll stand up to certain evils. Great. That's what our stretched military needs.

Now it sounds like we'll have his closing remarks. He played up his military service and POW experience again because that's all he's running on. Let me remind you guys out there that if you support McCain for his outstanding service that he was the guy that got captured. That's skill? Hmm.

Sharing ideas? According to Palin, Liberals don't have good ideas. According to Romney, Liberals need to be removed from Washington. Who does that leave to extend your arm to Mr. McCain?

More POW stories...we get it dude. You were a prisoner of war and it was hell. That's not a qualification for President and although you don't feel you've been anointed, your supporters seem to feel that it makes you fully qualified to lead the country.

I'm not sure how this speech sways undecided voters unless they have a special place in their heart for POWs. Your closing remarks were uneventful and drab. Wow. PBS just had a commercial interruption in there. Somebody hit the wrong button. I'm sure it woke up viewers that fell asleep.

Boring speech. I'm done. That was 49 minutes? Ugh...Not more country music.
The Conservative spin on the speech will be that of less talk and more action instead of talking less about action he will take.

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