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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CNN's DNC Coverage SUCKS

They set the stage for what they want to hear while at the same time choosing not to show speakers who actually say those things. They paint a picture so that the viewer holds the same expectations and then if they don't see what they want, they can criticize everything while the viewer lulled into these expectations watches in agreement. If you want to see commentary and not the DNC, watch CNN's coverage. If you want to see people stuck on the idea that Hillary was not picked as Obama's VP, watch CNN. If you want to watch people to tell you to go to a web site to watch DNC speeches, watch CNN. If you want to know that the Pepsi Center is where the Denver Nuggets play, watch CNN. If you want to watch Republicans spout talking points, watch CNN.

MSNBC is not much better. FOX News? Ha! Did they even show any of it?

If you want to watch the DNC without interruption, watch it on C-SPAN.

If you want to watch the DNC with analysis, watch it on PBS. They show each speaker in their entirety and even tape certain speakers (Deval Patrick) to show you if they should deviate and interview someone else (Michelle Obama). If you want to see the fireworks, watch PBS. Some of the best speakers so far were tonight and PBS showed them. PBS had commentary AFTER each one and did not interrupt them in the middle. I'm sure CNN gets far more financial funding than PBS can even dream of, yet PBS is the one able to deliver the goods.

Steny Hoyer gave a magnificent and in your face performance. Did you miss that one? I was able to enjoy Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano take some good jabs at the Senator from Arizona. There is one Arizona tradition she'd like to see continue. Past representatives from Arizona who have campaigned for office failed. I got to see Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas make another joke aimed at McCain. Dorothy from Kansas once said there's no place like home, but McCain says there's no place like home, home, home, home, home, home, or home. Yep. Seven homes. I was able to listen to Governor Mark Warner give an outstanding keynote. Judy Woodruff from PBS even landed an interview with Michelle Obama tonight. Brian Schweitzer from Montana really gave an awesome performance too. Did you happen to catch Lilly Ledbetter from Alabama? The Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, gave one heck of a direct attack. You missed stories from real Americans and anecdotes about real American struggle and sacrifice. You missed plenty of jabs at Bush and just as many McCain tie-ins to Bush.

If you were watching CNN, you missed the good stuff. Things were said that needed to be out in the open. CNN didn't show it and probably turned around at the end to criticize the lack of such gusto. Pathetic. Who says the media is liberally biased? They have their heads up their asses.

Did you happen to notice Exxon/Mobil was the CNN sponsor?

I think they are killing off a lot of viewers this time. Things have been going downhill for a while now, but they are driving a nail through the coffin. I don't think they care which is troubling.

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  1. I agree completely. They completely talked through John Kerry's speech. I just sent an email to CNN about it and suggest others do the same.


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