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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Outed: Biden, Half Brother

The news was buzzing all evening about who Barack Obama would pick as his running mate. Certain names were crossed off the list and news crews appeared to be camping on front lawns of the rest waiting for any clues. While they were chomping at the bit to find out who was going to be the VP pick, one broadcast decided to bring up something else in the meantime to keep viewers interested. The timing was however, a tad suspicious.

As the eve of the Democratic National Convention approaches, anything showing Obama in the slightest unfavorable light seems to be fair game. CNN had a piece on Obama's Kenyan half brother. The piece seemed to tryand put Obama in an awkward position. It seems like now Obama is expected to take some sort of financial responsibility for a half brother living in a shanty in Kenya. Who cares if his half brother is proud of being Kenyan and is perfectly fine with living in Kenya, right? We're in America where Sally Struthers is supposed to make our hearts bleed for the classic picture of poor Africans walking through dirt streets and shanty towns. How dare Barack Obama not help the spawn of a father who left him and his mother. Looks like his half brother is happy where he is and communication between the two is really none of our damn business. It sounds as though the two have a good understanding, but CNN wants to play "Let's reunite long lost relatives" for ratings and the soap opera Americans who buy into that sort of crap.

If Obama's half brother in far off Kenya is considered newsworthy, then CNN should not have any problem traveling an even shorter distance to blow the history behind McCain's first marriage out of the water. While we're at it, start stirring the pot simmering McCain's feelings towards Asians and see if it boils over. I'm sure the timing of this news piece on Obama's half brother has everything to do with the swiftboating that will continue to taint our televisions in the months to come. Now it has been made to appear as though Obama doesn't want to help his own family. I'm glad I didn't fall for the fake sob story.

By now, you've also forgotten all about whether or not McCain is going to release his VP pick, right? Aren't you glad I gave you this reminder? Who said the media was being a softy when it came to covering Obama? Let's smack McCain around some, shall we?

Obama *was* going to release the name of his VP pick in the morning, but somehow somebody on the Democratic side couldn't keep their lips sealed. Joe Biden appears to be his running mate. I say great choice. I was supporting Biden for President anyway. He's got a great foreign policy stance regarding the Middle East. The man just understands what has been going on over there for decades. He's also a straight talker and will rip you to shreds the way someone deserves to be told off. Now let's just see how many times the media will cover the "articulate" flap between Obama and Biden a while back to try and prove there might be tension between the two guys even though the differences were reconciled shortly after the flap.

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