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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Louisiana Death Penalty Commotion

So the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning ruled that child rapists cannot be sentenced to death for their crimes. I'll use this post to illustrate a few points. Redneck Conservatives are generally resistant to change, dimwitted, slow thinking, and simplistic in nature. Don't like what I just said? Tough. Grow some balls and take the criticism like a man if you're so tough. Now read what I have to say and join us in civilized society or perish.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal claims it is an affront to the people of Louisiana among other things. Oh. Poor baby. Sounds more like a bruised ego than a rational acceptance of law. It was a Supreme Court ruling. It's been deemed unconstitutional. Are you telling me Louisiana citizens are willing to push for something unconstitutional just to heal a bruised ego? As Governor, you're calling a Supreme Court ruling an affront to the people of Louisiana. I think you have the order of power reversed Piyush. Jindal you dipshit. Pandering to the masses methinks. You're an empty shell of a man and nothing more than a talking head.

Let's not even get into the reality that the death penalty by itself does not deter crime. The death penalty for simple southern folk, and Texans I might add, appears to be more about getting revenge than actually punishing someone for a crime. It's a simpleton's law. That's right. I said simpleton. Do something wrong. Kill them. It might be okay for Neanderthals, but we live in a civilized society now. Their beef with this ruling is all ego and no brain. Justice Anthony Kennedy said it all. Expanding the death penalty to other crimes is far too risky. Wrap your head around that one for a while. This is why people like rednecks really advocate the death penalty. They are angry, hurt, and may or may not be grieving. They don't know how to handle those emotions like an adult. Now they want revenge in a simplistic eye for an eye sort of manner. They'd much rather act like this is high school and they have to defend their pride with violence out by the bicycle rack. Like many before me have told people of this nature...

You do realize what they do to child rapists in prison, don't you?

I am convinced the redneck/Texan style Conservatives in this country want it to be like the old west. Let's tie in another story in the news about the Virginians and gun rights because the mentality is related. They open carry their firearms proudly. Did you notice all of them were white? Let's see how they feel about young black males being able to open carry and watch how their ignorance and stereotypes suddenly spring to life. You know they'd somehow use that to justify their own right to carry a gun and twist it in their favor without actually answering the question. That's just how they think. It's also how fascism starts to seed into a society.

They can't reason with anyone and see things like guns and killing as suitable replacements for civil discourse and humane punishment. They don't have the capacity for thinking at that level. I will continue to call these people stupid. I don't want stupid people making decisions about who lives and who dies. We want the smart people to make those decisions. For the religious reader, shouldn't we be leaving it up to God to pass judgment? In that respect, it is not our place to decide who lives or dies.

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