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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Liner @ Jeremy Hubbard

ABC World News Now ran a story about a girl who won a car thanks to perfect attendance. The story isn't the focus of my post. The news anchor is.

Jeremy Hubbard, one of the news anchors, asked how someone can't miss a single day. He said you've got to at least take one day off because you've got to stay home and watch some cartoons some time. That's what he said he did.

While I tend to think that Jeremy Hubbard and Vinita Nair are a great team, that comment might explain why he is on the late night shift and not in prime time.

I only have one last question to ask. Why in the world did you type "jeremy hubbard" into a Google search?

I will applaud his efforts to actually comment on news items and not just report them. It's refreshing to see news anchors who actually think. Vinita Nair deserves just as much credit in this department. Too bad it's late night news. Of course, all my visitors seem to care about is whether or not this guy is gay. Is that what you call newsworthy information?


  1. I thought this guy was gay, but this morning, I heard him talk about his wife. Not that THAT means anything, but I think he's straight. He's just soft and poofy-acting.

  2. I always that he looked at Vinita too much and too long to be gay.

  3. For the visitors wondering whether or not the guy is gay, first off, grow up. Who cares? A few days ago, he celebrated his birthday. His wife came out to the anchor desk with a birthday cake, so yes, he is married. He has a kid. Now back to actual news...

  4. They are the coolest anchor team to come along in years. They are so interesting to watch and listen to while I make breakfast for us. We both love them.

  5. Yes, Jeremy Hubbard is straight. Besides, people should be more concerned with his anorexia than his sexuality. Vinita needs to feed that boy some of her Thanksgiving leftovers!

  6. I found this page by googling "Jeremy Hubbard gay". Alas I come to find he is straight. Too bad! I love hot geeky white guys. He is totally my type. Oh well, a boy can dream.

  7. No, he's not anorexic. He was on the heavy side and he went on a diet. Now he's down to a healthy weight and you should be applauding his efforts.

    These are the things people care about? Whether or not Jeremy Hubbard is gay or anorexic? That sums up the American political system as it is today. Sensationalism, gossip, and soundbytes = newsworthy. Real news gets shoved under the rug.

  8. Why is someone else always sitting in for Jeremy Hubbard?????

  9. Well, in tonight's airing, it seems he did a piece on the worst movie ever, namely Troll 2. He was in Austin, TX.

    Sometimes people are in for Vinita too. Not unheard of in newscasting. Not the end of the world, either. Get a grip, man!


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