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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Golden Globe Nominations?

What the hell is this crap? Is anyone watching NBC?

They are announcing Golden Globe nominations live. Random actors are getting up at the microphone rattling off names of the nominations. Why? Good god this is boring! Perhaps they knew it would be boring, so to counteract the boredom, they hired big name stars to read the list. I'm guessing they got paid to do that. Eh?

What was the point of that? Did we really need Brooke Shields rattling off names shooting odd stares at the audience in between each one? In Public Speaking, that's what we call maintaining eye contact. It looked like she had something wrong with her eyes. Was that Elizabeth Banks? For some reason, I could imagine her sitting there practicing saying "Frost Nixon" over and over again. She made it sound like some kind of German sausage. "Froschtnixen."

The laughter from the crowd was irrelevant. The follow-up guy said it was because the movies mentioned were rather outrageous comedies. So what!

Was that really necessary? Did anyone get a rise out of that performance? I could care less about the Golden Globes, but there had to have been a better way to present the nominations. I'm obviously out of the loop on this one.

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  1. this whole stunt wasnt meant to make the golden globes as boring as the NHL draft, but instead was an exercise in reading for these brave actors, coming to terms with their illiteracy. Most of these stars hire interns to read their scripts to them, and often pretend to have left their glasses at home so the waiter can read them the childrens menu maze instructions to them. its terribly sad these are the icons of our generation..we should instead look up to cooler professions, like repo men and zamboni drivers.


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