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Friday, December 5, 2008

Paul Carmouche, John Fleming, and Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal has thrown in his support for Dr. John Fleming running for Congress. The election is tomorrow, but over the last week, I have been getting phone calls almost every evening on behalf of John Fleming. The phone calls consist of recordings where Governor Bobby Jindal spews negative rhetoric against Paul Carmouche. These are not just one time calls. Last night, I counted seven calls in the span of four hours. Piyush aka Bobby is one of those ugly kinds of Christians who sees nothing wrong with speaking ill of another human being. If Bobby Jindal plans on running for President in 2012, this *should* come back to bite him in the ass. We just went through all the negativism and hate with Sarah Palin. We'll have to deal with it all again if Bobby Jindal runs. Consider yourself informed. Now you know Bobby Jindal is a slave to the RNC machine and prefers cutthroat politics over standing on positive platforms designed to unite this nation.

Negative ads have plagued television broadcasts all day every day. I will be glad when the election is over. Carmouche is not exempt from guilt. He has been slinging mud too. However, I am seeing more ads coming from Fleming directed at smearing Paul Carmouche. Fleming is playing up the word "Liberal" as a bad thing. Both of them should be ashamed. I turn the tv off every time one of these ads comes on the screen.

At this point, I don't think many voters even know what either candidate plans on doing. I probably won't vote tomorrow. I don't like the idea of rewarding a candidate for running a negative campaign. Carmouche isn't exactly my kind of Democrat either. He's one of these Blue Dog Democrats with Conservative talking points. In fact, he touts himself as pro-gun and pro-life. As someone who is pro-choice and expects a certain level of gun control, Carmouche does not speak to me as a voter.

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