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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kaylon Johnson Update

The local news reported today that a suspect in the Kaylon Johnson beating has been taken into custody. A 25 year old man named Jimmy Booth from Longview, Texas has been charged. At this point, he is only being charged with second degree battery, although the FBI is still figuring out whether or not to consider this a hate crime.

Officials also stated that there would not be any further arrests made. What? I thought at least two guys assaulted him. Is there a plea deal we are not hearing about? What gives? If police said that Booth was with three friends, I think a piece of the puzzle is missing.

Is there still going to be a vigil in Baton Rouge for Kaylon Johnson?

My hunch is that the FBI will call this one a hate crime. There is no way an attack where racial slurs directed towards the victim and Barack Obama could be considered anything other than a hate crime.

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