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Monday, December 1, 2008

National Security Team Press Conference

For those of you who spent the entire election season saying the media was being soft on Barack Obama, pay special attention to the questions being asked at this press conference. None of the questions have been softly pitched. They are hell bent on taking quotes from the heated election season and playing them against him. They are looking for a little bit of drama between a group of people who may not agree with each other on every little thing. They are asking for details related to his policy decisions. They are very aware of his national security plans and demanded some clarification on a few specific subjects, including troop withdrawal and drawdowns.

Does the media have a love affair with Barack Obama? Maybe a select few have been overly affectionate in their coverage. However, if you think they were soft on the guy during the primaries and the general election, you were watching different coverage than I was.

The one criticism I will make is that Obama does sound a little choppy and is not the best orator. As for actually fielding the questions the press asked, he was on target. He made sure not to step on the toes of the current administration. He is right. National security issues are the responsibility of the current administration and not the President-elect or his new security team. He may have an opinion on the matter, but it means absolutely jack in current policy decisions. Another positive note to make is that he seems to already be familiar with specific members of the press.

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