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Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate Predictions

There is no doubt all eyes will be on Sarah Palin tonight in the VP debate. Support behind Palin has been slipping away over the last few weeks. Many are expecting to see her ass get handed to her by Joe Biden. Hard core Republicans say she will win, and perhaps that only has to do with their blind and somewhat arrogant support behind her. Americans have a hard time differentiating between the reality of what will happen and what they want to happen.

Let me first start out by saying I am in the group that wants to see her ass get handed to her. I am behind Biden all the way. That being said, there are a few realistic points to consider. All of these things are rooted in her recent behavior and comments.

Based on what we saw at the RNC, I expect Palin to lie through her teeth. That's right. This woman has lied on numerous occasions about everything under the sun. Even Andrew Sullivan, widely seen as fairly conservative, has called attention to these lies and has even made attempts at asking for the truth from the campaign. Whether it's taxes or the war, she will lie right to the camera.

As I'm writing this a McCain ad just came on tv talking about this past week. He says Republicans have blamed Democrats and Democrats have blamed Republicans. Well soldier boy, we'll see more of that tonight. Biden is going to smack Bush Republicans around like red-headed step-children and Palin is going to blame Liberal ideology for the downfall of society (in not so many words). Get off your high horse. It's starting to chafe your backside old man.

The difference between this debate and the RNC will be that Sarah Palin does not have the added benefit of a teleprompter telling her what to say. Her Sports Journalism degree via education from six different institutions is not going to do her any good in this setting. It is my understanding that in the VP debate, each candidate has five minutes of talk time for each question. Even if they were only given two minutes as the Presidential candidates were provided, I will make this prediction. She will either talk over her mark if given two minutes or fall well short of the five minute mark. She simply does not have enough experience or charm for that matter to talk for five minutes, even if she is a woman.

Biden does have a history of talking too long. I am not worried about his ability to fill in the blanks. He also knows how to kick somebody's ass. Pundits have said Biden must find a healthy balance between attack and restraint so as to not look like he's beating up on a "poor woman" or coming off as disabled or unarmed. Biden has been participating in debates throughout this entire campaign season, so he's ready. No question there.

My advice tonight:

For those who still think Obama does not have a plan, listen to Biden without your smug discontent and irrational hatred you have for Liberals. You might actually hear a plan once your ears decide to work.

For those expecting Palin to flounder, don't be surprised when she does her best impression of Captain Kirk. Even though her twangy accent is obnoxious, her choppy speech pattern is going to make her very difficult to listen to for any extended period of time.

Whoever thinks Palin is telling the truth no matter what needs to visit BEFORE the debate to fill in some blanks, especially with regard to taxes. Obama is going to lower taxes for 95 percent of working families and FactCheck states that over 80 percent of tax payers will see tax breaks.

Biden better be ready to point out every instance where this little bitch decides to lie to America. Palin is going to come off snarky like that annoying ex-girlfriend.

That is all. Enjoy the show. I'll pop the popcorn.

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