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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bush Still Can't Give A Speech

Bush has been President for almost eight years and he was a governor before that. After eight years, this guy still can't give a speech. He still makes many of the same mistakes and fumbles words like Clifford Franklin (See The Replacements) fumbles a football. If you saw his speech on Tuesday about the economy, perhaps you noticed how he kept looking down to read something that lasted only a few minutes. He rushed through the parts about how he thinks things are still good and that people are still spending money as if he thought nobody would notice.

I think all those years of boozing has taken its toll. This is what alcoholism can do to your brain folks. His memory is mush. Even a nervous college jock with sweaty palms and a speech impediment could perform better as a public speaker. Now I think I understand why people voted for Bush because they saw him as someone they'd like to have a beer with. It's because they were alcoholics with slurred speech too. They could relate.

At least whoever wins the next election can stand up in front of an audience and talk off the cuff as though they know what they are saying. Course, McCain has already made a couple of stupid blunders. Obama speaks calmly and slow, but rephrases far too often to be deemed an eloquent public speaker.

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