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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McCain's Concession Speech Audience

I listened to McCain's concession speech last night. Aside from the fact that he gave a very gracious speech and that it was apparent the McCain that spoke last night was the guy that should have been the one in 2000, one other thing stood out. The reactions from the crowd were troubling. There were very bitter boo's and some were shouting out things I couldn't quite hear clearly. Given the recent problems with foul things being yelled out at McCain/Palin rallies, I can only assume the shouts at the concession speech had some equally foul content.

What troubles me is the comparison between the reactions to the McCain speech and the reactions to Obama. When McCain complimented Obama, there were boo's. When Obama complimented McCain, there was applause and people cheered. That was the difference. That was the division speaking out. That is the sentiment we do not need. I am still waiting to hear any news coverage shedding light on this behavior. Not even The View this morning was willing to dive that deep.

I wish I could remember the reactions at the Gore concession speech. I know there were chants and occasional outcry when Gore said things which implied he was conceding. I do not remember any real foul remarks or reactions when Gore mentioned Bush in this concession speech. In any competition, you give credit and respect to your opponent.

There are agreeably bad eggs on either side of the fence. I will not argue with that. However, the negative attitude on the Right is not the American way. The result of the election last night sent that message. We will not stand for the politics of hate.

After watching Bill Maher on Friday night, the 7th of November, I can add a little more to this post. Maher brought up this very subject and I'm glad he did. He showed footage of the Kerry concession speech. Guess what? When Kerry mentioned congratulating monkey boy (Bush), you did not hear a single boo. You didn't hear anyone applaud, but you did not hear outrage and disgust.

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