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Monday, April 14, 2008

Utah Teens Texting Nude Pics

Teens send nude photos by text message

Monticello, Utah

Apparently about 25 teens sent shots of body parts, sex acts, sexy dancing, etc to members of the opposite sex. Of course they got caught. So HNN runs the story and asks...

Who's to blame? The options offered by HNN:
Lax parents? Lax parents my ass. Media? Maybe in a round-about way. Remember, it's Utah. Fighting off "sex sex sex" is what people in a red state like Utah do best. Blame the media? What a cop out. Blame the classic rebellious teen mentality. When you try to keep the topic of sex away from youngins with raging hormones, you're going to get stories like this.

A HNN hired shrink says narcissism is the root of the problem. You know, Myspace and Paris Hilton. Me me me? No way chickie. You're way out of touch, especially for a blonde.

It's REBELLION. They live in Utah. I've been to Utah. It's always heartwarming to see goth kids in the malls instead of Mormon kids dressed up covering their magic underwear and refusing to interact with people around them. Yeah. That does happen in Utah. Utah parents try to keep their kids away from sex.

Way to go Utah. It's about damn time you showed us your tits. Granted the tits are jailbait, but it's still good to see the youth of our nation rebelling.

Where does possession of age appropriate naked photos fit in the kiddie porn legal scheme of things? If you're a 15 year old boy and the 15 year old girl texts you a naked photo, are you in possession of child pornography or age appropriate content? Both are wrong, I'm guessing, but still, it's a relevant question to ask.

And for the perverts who land on this page looking for porn, go get help you creepy old men. While teen rebellion is normal, what you're doing is not. Sicko.

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