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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The "One Of Us" Military

I'm writing this in light of the recent story about the atheist coming under fire in the Army for being an atheist.

I'm going to piss off a few service members on this one, but I don't care. The idea that we should respect you just because of your service is really getting out of hand in our country. Yes it is a volunteer military, but if you're going to behave without discipline and respect for your fellow comrades in arms, you've got no place being there and you'll get no respect from me. I've got absolutely no patience or respect for that kind of military man. Marines seem to be the worst. I don't think they really understand semper fidelis. They really don't like it when you rock their boat, so they piss and moan at the slightest tremor. They might even threaten to beat your ass. Yes, I've had that happen to me online many times. Oh that's a reassuring quality for our soldiers to have. You take pride in fighting for the rights that we have, yet when it comes to the laws in this country, you don't even hesitate to go outside the law and beat somebody up. Grow up kids. I always have to remind myself that these guys aren't paid to think.

In the US military, unless you are okay with the "you're one of us" frame of mind, the others who signed up are going to give you grief. You've got to be a yes man. I can't even imagine what it's like to be different than the standard issue army brat. Well, actually I can in a small way as I am a liberally minded individual living in the South among religious bigots in a city where there's an airforce base. If you're different than their norm, they don't particularly like you, nor do they care what you think. They've also taught their kids to keep their beliefs confined to those same stipulations.

Unfortunately, that's what I see now when I read your "Support the Troops" magnet. I don't see a respectful soldier fighting for our freedom. I see an arrogant and angry dick who although might be fighting for the guy next to him, still chooses to treat anyone lacking the if you will, "traditional" rank and file disposition, with outright malice. That is not worthy of any respect and gives our military a bad name. Shameful.

You may be too chicken shit to speak ill of our troops, but I won't hesitate when I see this kind of crap going on.

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