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Friday, May 2, 2008

Autism Wackos

Just saw Jenny McCarthy on a late night talk show. Decided to bitch about these crazies one more time. Maybe you could pass my kind words on to them when you get a chance. Pretty please?

Listen kiddies. As long as you keep going on and on about this "strong" link between autism and vaccines, you'll continue to do a great disservice to the men and women actually working on finding any one of the many possible actual causes. Get off your little bandwagon and let the CDC and the AMA get down to business. For crying out loud, you've convinced grandpa McCain that there's a strong link too. That boy aint right. You've got senility on your side now. Yeesh. Quit playing mean tricks on grandpa. And what's up with the Mc/Mc in the last name of both of these idiots? Coincidence? Which Mc- is next? Jenny, girl, stick to the whole nude model thing so I can beat off to you again. You can keep blowing this autism nonsense out your ass, but that's all it amounts to. Remember how she told Howard Stern about her fart fetish? Makes sense now doesn't it? Go away, go away, go away crazy lady!!! All of a sudden these blonde bimbos have causes and want to be experts about something. Pam has PETA and Jenny is going with autism.

(insert multiple expletives here)

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