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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Compassion Forum???

Looks more like "Let's get some good PR" forum. I'm sure everybody will say some important things and decent questions will get asked, but do we really need to hear what they're saying at this point in the campaign? Hopefully you've been listening to every debate up to now. If you haven't, I don't think it's a good idea for you to start now. Voting has serious consequences. We've learned that the hard way.

Holy hell look at all the religious questions! Be compassionate to your viewers and leave God at the door. Fcuk! (Yeah, the clothing store :P )

Is this Liberal Faith Fluff day? You know, they'll attempt to convince the crazies on the religious right that there are God-fearing liberals. They aren't voting for a Democrat anyway are they? Who cares. Don't pander to those religious nuts. Ah...a vote is a vote isn't it?

With the dissatisfaction from the religious right towards McCain, maybe the idea here is to see if some of those folks are willing to vote for Hillary or Barack. Independents may go for it, but any Christian conservative will snub their nose at such a thought.

When do you think life begins?
Are they really asking that? Stupid stupid stupid.

Okay, first off, they're asking the wrong question. Your wording has to be very specific if you're going to get involved in talking about abortion. You can't say "life" or "living" because anyone who took high school biology knows that cells are living by definition. You need to ask when you consider "it" a human being. Then you can move forward.

Where is forward? So glad you asked. Embryology 101 is where it's at. That's where you will get the answer. A human being at conception is a religious idea and as you all know, the world is full of people who practice different religions. Science, however, is universal. Sit down with an obstetrician and learn how a clump of cells turns into something else. Potential for human life is like potential to commit murder. You wouldn't arrest me even though, potentially, I could run out and kill someone tomorrow. Ever see Minority Report? Potential means exactly dick.

Doesn't work. End of discussion. Get lost. Move on. Quit being a stick in the mud. Aint gonna fix the problem. You want to fix the problem, don't you? Well convincing yourself that abstinence has worked might help you sleep at night, but the fact remains. It works about as efficiently as Lucille Ball at a production line.

Ugh this forum is so ridiculous. It's only as good as the questions that are asked. Well the questions suck donkey balls.

Yes Obama, you hit it right on the head. Self righteousness and the inability to admit that you're wrong when injecting religion into the public debate is a problem. You've got to learn how to word it so that these values and ethics can be communicated across all walks of life, not just spoken to the beat of the little drummer boy.

CNN, faith interwoven into the fabric of America is dangerous because Americans are dumb. People are generally dumb. Don't talk this stuff up because they aren't absorbing any of it.

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