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Friday, February 1, 2008

• CBS Blood Clot BS Story

I was just up watching CBS news around 4am and they were saying doctors aren't giving clot prophylaxis as often as they should. To put things in perspective, studies at individual hospitals, including a major hospital in Indianapolis, have found heparin prophylaxis for blood clots was not warranted for every patient and have adjusted their ER practices accordingly. Many hospitals automatically start patients on heparin for clot prophylaxis and a PPI for GI prophylaxis. Go in and look at a medication list in a chart. Everybody is on a heparin injection and pantoprazole.

Then they interviewed a woman who when in the hospital for knee surgery said she was not informed that she was at risk for a blood clot. Immobility after surgery means stasis after surgery. Surgeons know this. I guarantee that the forms she signed giving consent for the procedure listed blood clots as a risk somewhere. She just wasn't paying attention to the crap she was signing. Saying that nobody pays attention when they sign papers is a pretty piss poor excuse. I say bullshit to her. Hospitals these days are very anal about informed consent.

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