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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Isn't Gone, Folks...

Visit any negative Nancy Pelosi fan page on Facebook that has anything to do with getting rid of her and you will soon notice one trend. People seem to think that because she will no longer be the Speaker of the House, she will be leaving. It just goes to show you, Americans do not understand our political system. Apparently this includes how Congress operates.

Nancy Pelosi is still the congresswoman from California, representing the 8th district. So she's not fired. She's not leaving Congress. She will still be very active in the legislative process. In the 2010 election, she was up against Libertarian, John Dennis. She won with an 80% majority and will be serving her 12th consecutive term in Congress. Until January, Pelosi will still be House Speaker. She's not gone, folks.

Once again, conservatives have shown me they willingly choose to disregard reality and vocalize their skewed perceptions, complete with hatred and vitriol. Don't believe me? Stop on by some of the anti-Pelosi Facebook pages. Quite a few "fans" want her dead. If you're looking for examples of how conservatives spew hate and death threats, Facebook is the best place to gather evidence.

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