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Saturday, March 22, 2008

• Michigan, Florida

If Michigan and Florida voters would have bitched, moaned, and groaned this much BEFORE their elections, maybe both states would have played by the rules. Both states were warned and it wasn't any secret. Yes everyone's vote is important, but going through the motions when you knew you were doing something that wouldn't count, don't whine about being disenfranchised. The way I see it, this whole debacle illustrates how easy it is for Americans to sit on their butts and not get riled up about important issues. They want to let somebody else go to the local government and complain. Hello? Backbone?

Yeah Hillary wants the advantage and I'm not happy with her for doing what she's doing. Bite the bullet and quit trying to squeeze out as many delegates as you can. Why did you put your name on the ballot to begin with? I like your health care plan babe, but you're getting too 2000 Al Gore about this. That kind of image is going to hurt. Keep fighting with what you've earned so far or concede.

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