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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

• Edwards & Giuliani Both Out

Yep. Edwards is out. I'm disappointed because even though he wasn't getting ahead in the primaries, his ideas and commitment to the working class are things we need in a leader after the last 8 years of screw ups. He's the only one up there with a single payer health care system. So much for that idea. I wonder who AMSA (American Medical Student Association) is going to support now. 

Why is everyone saying Edwards would endorse Obama? I don't get it. All the media types are saying it. The blog I just read thinks it. I watched the same debates they did. Edwards has more in common with Clinton on the issues than he does with Obama. Why in the world would he endorse Obama? They just seemed more at odds with each other than Edwards did with Clinton. He obviously wasn't digging either one of them, so my recommendation to him is to just keep his mouth shut and stay away from any endorsements that may haunt him in the future. This idea that he's going to endorse Obama doesn't add up. Let's hear someone explain why they think what they do. I haven't come across anyone who sits down and explains their rationale as I just did with this situation. On one hand, pundits and political bloggers say his withdrawal from the race will benefit Hillary more. Then on the other, somehow they say he will end up endorsing Obama. Why would his supporters be more likely to jump on the Clinton bus, but then end up with Edwards siding with Obama? See how things don't add up. There is a difference between what you think will happen and what you hope will happen. 

I'm glad Giuliani is out of the race. Why he jumped at the chance to support McCain all of a sudden is certainly an interesting twist. We all saw his withdrawal from the race coming a mile away. Personally, I feel that anyone who says "Thank God George Bush is President" when we were attacked on 9/11 doesn't deserve to be our leader. The thing that bugged me most about Giuliani supporters as I followed the debates was that they seemed to conjure up some half true outstanding record and pass him off as someone who had excellent rapport with New Yorkers. He cleaned up crime because he was a hard ass and after a while people learned that they didn't really like someone who was too much of a hard ass and power hungry to boot. The firefighters don't like him. Minorities don't like him. I mean just go down the list. He's not a likable kind of guy. He's far from a great American. Don't believe me. Read this blog post from 2004. Anyone who tries to sell him to you as a hero needs a good kick from a different kind of hard ass to remind them where they left their sanity.

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