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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

• On Obama

Honestly, I'm scared somebody might off the poor guy. Sure lots of folks hate Bush and I'm sure the same idea has crossed the minds of many, but we obviously wouldn't act on it. I mean, he's the President and any discussion on the topic gets the attention of the authorities pretty quick. Right now, Obama is just a black guy running for the office. The reality is I know far too many gun toting rednecks that fly the confederate flag on their pick up truck and make racially controversial comments at the bars amongst like minded individuals. They would never come out and say these things in public, but as Americans, we are well aware that racism is alive and well in this country. The hubbub in Jena, Louisiana says it all. Obama ended up getting protection early on, but they were a little hush hush about why he needed it. No specific threats were made according to the press release. 

Now, aside from the racially motivated threat, I want you to take note of the Kennedy-esque comparisons being made. Kennedy? Eerie if you ask me. He's also an advocate of change in a government run by a bunch of cronies who don't want things to change. He's a viable threat to their way of life. They could easily orchestrate something.

Now I pray it doesn't happen, but I also prayed Bush wouldn't get a second term and look how that turned out. I'm someone that gloomily said "That's it, we're going to war and it's going to be very bad in this country for a while" just minutes after hearing of his first "win" back in 2000. Assassination is not something the media likes tossing out there for their viewers because it's such a scary and disheartening topic. I think it's a legitimate fear no matter how ready we think we are for a black man in the Oval Office. 

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