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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

• Re: Bill Maher & Hair Salon Politics

I should let you guys in on something. I watch Real Time religiously. I have been a fan since Politically Incorrect. You'll likely see future posts on topics discussed on that show as Bill and I often come up with the same ideas. Most of the time I say things before the show airs that he actually talks about. It's uncanny. I do disagree with the guy on a few things. My take on marijuana is not as friendly and I'm not as gung ho against the pharmaceutical companies because I'm in medicine and understand pharmacological management of disease, but also get disgusted with how these companies have too much power in my industry. Now that you know I'm not a complete ass kisser, I'll continue with the post. 

If you caught the January 25th episode, you saw that quirky conservative black chick interviewing other black women in some hair salon in Los Angeles. One lady made a comment that flat out set me off. The comment essentially was meant to imply Hillary was hitting below the belt when she went after Obama in the South Carolina debate. Forgive me for sounding stereotypical, but "Oh no she di-int" isn't the way to react to political discourse. It's a friggin' DEBATE. You're going to see people in a debate use their opponent's records against them. As far as I'm concerned, the slum lord thing was fair game as was Obama's Walmart comment which I'd love to remind these ladies came before the slum lord comment. 

Yes we're tired of childish bickering and same old politics. Sure, we want the candidates to discuss issues, but someone's record is something to toss out in the open, especially in the debate. I consider anything less uninformative and expect candidates to take the gloves off as well as tell me exactly what they plan on doing while in office. 

Now let me turn my attention to what the news media did. Some said this was the worst back and forth they'd seen in years. Huh?!?! Didn't you watch the previous Republican debate? Wasn't McCain going after Romney with the same ballsy attitude?

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